Magnetic Glass Boards

Magnetic glass board offer a modern and contemporary alternative to the traditional whiteboard. Manufactured from shatter proof safety glass they provide a non porous wipe clean surface that is also magnetic. As with whiteboards they come with a handy pen tray that holds the chalk markers which are used with this type of board. Where these boards really stand out is the choice of colours and designs that are available thanks to the flexibility that glass offers. Black, white, red and blue are most popular but almost any colour is available.

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Buyers Guide

The Sigel Artverum Magnetic glass boardsallow plenty of scope for individual style. They add a trendy-looking touch to any working or living space. The magnetic glass boards have a drywipe surface and can be used in the same way as a magnetic whiteboard.

Magnetic glass boards provide an elegant alternative to conventional drywipe whiteboards . The state of the art Artverum range, manufactured by Sigel, offers simple styling with straight polished lines that mean the board is not only functional but also a designer piece that will stand out in any office or home. The Sigel glass boards are ideal for planning and organisation as they are magnetic and can also be written on. A self supporting suspension allows the magnetic glass board to seemingly float on the wall without a frame of any visible fixings. All Sigel boards come with SuperDym cube magnets and these can also be purchased separately in packs of four if more magnets are needed.

The Sigel magnetic glass boards come in a range of sizes from 480mm x 480mm to 1000mm x 650mm and in a great choice of colours including vibrant red, white and black. Manufactured from high quality tempered glass the boards surface is wipe clean using a damp cloth or wipes. For the best results, chalk markers should be used to write on the glass boards surface, however any standard white board marker can also be used.

Magnetic glass boards can be used anywhere where a standard drywipe whiteboard is used, unlike most whiteboards they are also attractive enough to be a stylish addition to any home and are a popular choice in kitchens and home offices. Also popular in restaurants, they are used as special boards or for daily menus.

In 2011 Sigel won the Red Dot award for product design in the Interior design category for the Artverum range of Glass boards. They scored highly for their simple straight lines and glossy, coloured glass. Both these criteria are considered highly important for both good design and success in potential markets.

Nobo, one of the market leaders when it comes to presentation products, has also developed a great range of glass boards to compete with Sigel. As well as the standard coloured glass boards they also have a number of monthly calendar boards. These provide a modern and sleek approach to planning you month and are large enough to be visible by a whole office allowing you to keep people informed about events that month.

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