Memo Pads

Memo pads are the low cost pads for general office use. Originally intended for inter-office memos, the advent of email and MS Office has largely superseded the need for hard copy memos, however the memo pad still serves a useful purpose in the office. They are not dissimilar to refill pads as they lack a front cover but they have a rigid cardboard back and are usually head bound or side bound.

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Buyers Guide

Memo pads are a cheap alternative to manuscript books however manuscript books are more durable, usually having heavier weights of paper and come with protective front covers. Some memo pads are designed for a specific purpose, such as telephone message pads and ‘While you were out....’ message pads. These are generally made from coloured paper (usually yellow or blue) to distinguish them from the other notes which might find their way on to your desk.

Things to consider when buying a Memo Pad……….

Headbound or Sidebound - With headbound memo pads the paper is bound along the top edge so the pages are turned vertically. With sidebound memo pads the paper is bound on the left hand long edge so pages are turned horizontally as you would with a normal book. Memo pads are bound using a flexible adhesive which allows the pages to be turned or removed from the pad with ease.

Perforated Pages - The most basic memo pads are bound to together using adhesive as we’ve described above and the only way to remove a page is by pulling it out of the adhesive. The removed page does not always come away cleanly and very often it can tear or part of it is left behind stuck to the rest of the pad. If you are using the memo pad only for rough notes this may not be an issue, however if you would like to be able to remove pages cleanly and neatly then a perforated pad may be the answer. Some memo pads come with perforated pages, this allows notes to be easily removed by tearing along a perforated line that is placed near the edge of the pad.

Pre-punched - Memo pad that come with perforations often also have pre-punched holes allowing the pages to be easily removed and filed in ring binders.

Size - Memo pads are most commonly available in A4 size although A5 and A6 are also available.

Feint Ruled and Margins - When buying memo pads you have the choice of ruled or feint ruled versions. The line widths are identical with the only difference being the visibility of the lines on the page. Blank or plain memo pads are also available and these make good sketch pads. You can also choose to have pages with or without margins.

Paper Weight - Memo pads are meant to be cheap and cheerful so the quality of paper used is not as good as you would fine in other notebooks. Entry level memo pads normally have 60gsm paper and the higher quality pads will use 70gsm.

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