Monitor Stands

Monitor stands, sometimes referred to as monitor risers are used to raise PC monitors or laptops to the ergonomically optimum height for working. Many people never really consider the height of a monitor, however if it is positioned at the wrong height then over time this can cause neck strain, back pain, headaches and bad posture.

For optimum monitor position it should be placed roughly arms length from your seating position. Your eyes should ideally be level with the top of screen to allow your eyes to fall to a natural resting position whilst working. Monitor risers give you the ability to set your monitor to the correct level which prevents the pains and strains that result from bad posture.

If you’re unsure of which Monitor Riser or Monitor Arm would be most appropriate for your needs then please feel free to give us a call on 0115 9455833 for assistance.

Buyers Guide

Ideally, the monitor or laptop screen should be positioned at a height which does not cause your neck to be bent forward or backwards to any great extent. There is some strength behind the belief that the top of the screen area should be at eye level. The reason being that the ‘natural’ resting position for the eyes is the horizon which is just below eye level and as most people tend to view the middle of the screen, this would allow the eyes to be in their most ‘natural’ and relaxed level whilst working.

You could use books or blocks of wood to raise your monitor, or, you could look at our extensive range of monitor risers from Compucessory, Fellowes, Kensington and the budget brand 5 Star. Not only do they look better than stacks of books but most of them double up as desktop storage. They use the space under the monitor to accommodate drawers for pens, staplers and paperclips. To allow for accurate positioning of the monitor, many risers are height adjustable.

With more people using laptops, many monitor risers are now designed specifically with laptops in mind. Not only can they be used to raise the screen height, many also have a tilting base on which to sit the laptop allowing the keyboard angle to be set to match the users preferred angle for typing rather than having to have the laptop flat on the desk.

For those people who like to use a second monitor for their work, or, for those who only need to use a PC or laptop infrequently but don’t want their workspace taken over by their monitor or laptop, then consider using Monitor Arms. These allow a screen or laptop to be attached to an arm clamped to the desk which can swivel or tilt allowing the user to adjust their monitor precisely or swivel it out the way if not needed.

For users of tablet computers we also have a great range tablet stands that keep you device upright and stable whilst in use. The majority of tablet stands are portable so they can be popped in to your bag and used on the go.

If you’d like any advice or information on good posture then the NHS has a excellent page that provides all the details you will need, simply click here to view their website .

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