Notice Boards and Pin Boards

Notice boards and pin boards are used in many situations around the workplace and at home. They have many uses which include displaying notices or pictures and pinning up important reminders or To-Do lists. Corkboards are perhaps the best known and have been around for the longest period of time, however we also supply a great range of both feltboards and foam noticeboards.

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Category Guide

Cork Boards - Are familiar to most people and are widely used in workplaces and homes to pin notices, reminders and pictures too. Cork boards are relatively cheap as they cost less to produce than other notice boards and come with either a pine, plastic or aluminium frame. Combination cork boards are also very popular, where one half of the board is a cork surface and the other half a drywipe surface.

Feltboards - Provide a more professional looking appearance than a cork board and are often used in meeting rooms, training rooms or for general office use. Feltboards can accept any standard pins and Velcro can also be used to attach items to the boards surface.

Foam Noticeboards - Manufactured from closely woven diamond mesh fabric that self heals when pins are removed to prevent unsightly pinholes. Felboards are ideal for executive offices, conference rooms or training rooms.

Best Selling Products

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