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Office fans come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from desk fans to pedestal fans and tower fans. Which you choose depends largely on the number of people you wish to cool or the size of the office space the fan is to be used in. Desk fans are generally suited for one user as a personal fan whereas larger floor standing fans can be used for a number of individuals and a larger room size.

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Even in Britain where summers are not exactly boiling office fans are important. Unlike hotter countries where air conditioning is standard a large percentage of UK offices do not have this luxury and so when the sun does make an appearance and the temperature starts to rise the quickest solution to help cool the office is to reach for the office fans.

A mechanical fan, which covers electric office fans, is a device that creates air flow by means of rotating blades. The blades will be powered by an impeller or rotor and the whole unit is encased within a metal wire cage for safety. All office fans are powered by small electric motors; however larger industrial units can sometimes use hydraulic motors or internal combustion engines. Most office fans typically rotate 180 degrees that means the air flow they produce is spread over a wide area and can benefit more than one person. The air flow speed can be controlled with the majority of fans having two or three speed settings.

A fan actually does not provide any cooling effect at all to the air within a room, for this you would need an air conditioning unit. Instead they move warm air away from the skin surface thereby creating a cooling effect to an individual positioned within the air flow. If you use a desk fan it should always be turned off when you’re away from your desk as it does not provide any cooling benefits if you’re not there.

What types of office fans are available…….

Desk Fans - Are ideal for one or two users and can be situated at the end of a desk to provide a cooling air flow. They are available with both two and three speed settings and have varying degrees of oscillation up to 180 degrees. As well as standard desk fans which have a base and need to be positioned on a flat surface there are also clip on desk fans which are ideal for single users. These can be clipped to a desk or shelf and thereby take up less room than standard fans. Also available are USB fans, suitable again for individual use they plug into your computers USB slot and can provide a cooling breeze on the go.

Pedestal Fan - Also known a floor standing fans they are used for larger office spaces or for a larger number of users. When buying a pedestal fan look at the size of the blades as the larger they are the greater the air flow that will be produced. Also worth considering is the movement options of the stand or pole. Some pedestal fans have fully telescopic poles that allow them to convert into desk fans.

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