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Office Furniture is perhaps the most important office expenditure you will have to make. Creating a pleasant, comfortable, attractive and organised office environment will not only enhance employee performance but also impress existing and prospective clients when they visit. Good quality office furniture doesn't have to cost a fortune. We have ranges of Desks, Office Chairs, Filing Cabinets, Bookcases and much more that will suit all budgets.

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Buyers Guide

Our extensive range of office furniture has everything you need to furnish your office whatever budget you have to work with. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or on for more information on what you will find in each section please see our Buyers guide below.

Office Desks - Desks are generally the place to start when furnishing your office. This is where most office workers spend the majority of their day and with this in mind it is important to pick the right one for your business demands. The basic entry level desk is typically a rectangular desk and these are available in a number of widths and depths to suit the space in which they are to be situated. Also available are wave desks where the front of the desk is contoured so the point where the user sits is a narrower than one end of the desk. This style is available in left or right hand format and provides a more contemporary look than a rectangular desk. Finally we have Radial desks also known as ergonomic desks, corner desk or crescent desks. Radial desks have a curved edge to the desktop where the user sits. This type of desk provides more space and also allows for a good , face on, seating position in relation to the monitor or laptop being used.

Office Chairs - So you've got the right desk, now you need to find the right chair. Most office based people spend between 5 and 8 hours on their chairs so they are a very important purchase. Ideally your office chair will have lots of options for changing different elements so to the user can find the perfect seating position to suit them. As a minimum your office chair should height adjustment, back adjustment and seat tilt. More advanced features allow you to set the lumber support and chair tension so the chair moves with the user providing constant support. If you need more information why not take a look at our blog post Choosing the right office chair.

Computer Workstations - Effectively a mini desk with wheels which allows it to moved easily. They are ideal for home office or working areas with limited space.

Filing Cabinets - Filing cabinets help organise your office by offering a central point for all your paperwork. Choose from 1,2,3 or 4 draw filing cabinets or even multi-draw cabinets which can have anything up to 30 drawers. Available in both wood or metal the best known manufacturer of filing cabinets is Bisley. Filing cabinets are generally used in conjunction with suspension files which hang between metal bars in the cabinets drawers and provide a high capacity storage space for paperwork.

Tables - This section includes all our boardroom tables, reception room tables, folding and general office tables. Our tables typically come in four wood shades, Beech, Oak, Maple and Cherry and are produced to the same colour pallet as our desks and other wooden furniture.

Pedestals - To complement your desks we offer a range of pedestals. They are available in 2 or 3 drawer options with varying drawer formats depending on your needs. Pedestals can be under desk, where they are either fixed to the underside of the desk or roll under using wheels, or are desk side, where they are the same height as the desk and offer additional desk top space.

Printer Stands - Printer stands and printer storage units are used to store your printer along with the accompanying printer paper and cartridges.

Office Storage - The modern office requires strong, functional and hard wearing storage areas to accommodate filing, general office supplies and paper products. Our range of office storage solutions covers all business requirements and all budget levels. Choose from shelving units, lockers, cupboards and steel storage.

Post Room Furniture - For many companies the post room or mail room is a highly important aspect of their business and ensuring it runs smoothly and effectively is helped by providing the right equipment for the people who work in this area. This section includes mail sorters in both metal framed and wooden varieties and post room work benches and cupboards.

Office Screens - Screens are a low cost and highly flexible option that allow you to partition areas of you office for a multitude of different uses. Office screens are available for both desktop use or as floor standing units. They are lightweight thanks to the honeycomb structure the screens are manufactured from. They are covered by a hardwearing and flame retardant material which is available in range of colours that can be matched to your company decor or branding.

Education Furniture - This section covers desks, seating and storage for the classroom environment. Our educational storage section covers a wide range of strong, colourful and flexible units manufactured by Monarch a UK based education specialist.

Canteen Furniture - A clean and well equipped staff canteen is highly important as it keeps staff happy and helps them relax and recharge their batteries. Our tables and chairs are specifically designed for this environment and offer style and practicality at affordable prices.

Office Trolleys - This section includes specialist filing trolleys that use suspension files to create a flexible mobile storage solution. We also have chair trolleys that are used to move stacked chairs.

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