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In the modern office central heating or air conditioning is used to keep the office nice and warm, however when temperatures drop or the central heating breaks down many people turn to the office heaters as a temporary back up. There are a number of different types of heater available ranging from fan heaters and oil heaters to convection heaters and halogen heaters.

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Buyers Guide

Different types of heater are suited to different types of spaces and it’s important to select the right one for your room otherwise you could simply be using electricity and not getting the warming benefits you’re looking for. Our buyers guide below covers the key types of heater technology available and details the type of environment each is most suitable for.

Oil Heaters - Also known as oil filled radiators they are designed for prolonged use and heat a room gradually. They are essentially an oil filled moveable radiator, however the oil inside is not burnt to generate heat instead it is used as a heat reservoir. Oil heaters normally consist of metal columns interspersed by cavities. A heating element at the bottom of the unit heats the oil which then flows around the cavities. Oil heaters are not especially efficient to run and provide less spatial heating than a gas heater would, however they are suitable for small spaces where gas heaters are not able to be used for venting reasons. Most good oil heaters will have thermostatic control so you can regulate their temperature.

Fan Heaters - They work by passing air over a heat element which is then forced out of the heater and into the room. They heat the room very quickly but have a tendency to be noisy due to the fan movement. The heat produced can be considered ‘dry’ which makes people feel tired and lethargic and is obviously not ideal for office workers. They tend to be most suited for small rooms where heat is required quickly and are best used in short spells. Fan heaters tend to be inexpensive to buy as they are fairly simple to construct and have few moving parts. They are also fairly efficient in terms of power consumption and therefore reasonably cheap to run.

Convector Heaters - Work in the same way as radiators in that they heat the air in their immediate vicinity which then rises, this is replaced by colder air and the process continues. Convection heaters are cheap to run and effective heaters for all sizes of room.

Halogen Heaters - Provide heat almost immediately as the halogen elements warm up very quickly. They have an efficient power usage meaning running costs are low in comparison to some other office heaters with a rough approximation of hourly costs being just 11p. Halogen heaters are also relatively cheap to purchase and are good for infrequent use in rooms of all sizes. Larger sizes tend to have oscillating features which means they are ideal for heating bigger spaces and many have a choice of heat settings, normally 400w, 800w and 1200w.

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