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Besides enabling people to see, the choice of office lighting can have an impact on mood and productivity. A well lit office is a productive office. Whilst the best light is undoubtedly natural sunlight, it’s unlikely we will all be able to enjoy a desk by the window, or, that the sun will be out if we do. Nor is the provision of fluorescent ceiling bulbs necessarily the answer. The ideal scenario is lighting equivalent to the task which is where desk lamps, floor lamps and up-lighters can help. But, if you do have to rely on ceiling bulbs then the choice of bulb is still important in terms of energy efficiency, brightness and type of bulb.

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Buyers Guide

Up to 40% of a buildings energy usage is down to lighting so for businesses of all sizes anything that can be done to make your office lighting more efficient can be a big help to the bottom line. There are numerous ways you can improve lighting efficiency but three keys ones are. Use occupancy sensors to detect when people are in a room, deploying these around you premises can decrease energy use by up to 30%. Photocells, also known as daylight sensors, monitor the level of natural light in room and adjust the artificial light accordingly. The introduction of these sensors can reduce electricity usage by 40%. Finally, a regular cleaning and maintenance plan can reduce your need for artificial lighting. Make sure both the inside and outside of your windows are cleaned on a regular basis to maximise the natural light entering your premises. Cleaning your lights fittings and fixtures will improve their performance which will also reduce running costs, make sure the cleaning is carried out whilst the lights are switched off though.

Types of Lighting

Daylight Bulbs - These bulbs do the best job of replicating natural day light. They can be bought as fluorescent tubes, low energy efficient bulbs or as an alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs.

Halogen Lighting - Is very bright as Halogen bulbs emit around five times as much light as incandescent bulbs and last about twice as long.

Incandescent Lighting - Is the one mostly associated with the familiar old fashioned light bulb. These are now being phased out in favour of energy efficient alternatives as they don’t last as long as the energy efficient alternatives.

Fluorescent Lighting - Is very efficient in terms of energy consumption. These no longer are just to be found in ceiling sized bulb as they are now made to fit normal light sockets by bending a fluorescent tube in on itself to reduce the size down to the size of a normal bulb.

Types of Lamps

Desk Lamps - Available with all bulb types, desk lamps are available in all styles, from the traditional angle-poise lamp to contemporary styles from manufacturers such as Unilux, Helix and Merit.

Uplighters and Floor lamps- These lamps, as their name suggests, reflect the light upwards providing warm indirect lighting.

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