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Our office machine supplies section contains the consumable and supplies that go with your office machines to help them shred, laminate, bind and stick. We have binding supplies such as binding combs, covers and wires. Shredder supplies, including oil and shredder bags, as well as tapes and labels for label maker brands such as Dymo and Brother. We also stock laminating pouches ranging from ID size up to large format film rolls.

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Buyers Guide

The products you will find in this section are generally used in conjunction with business machines such as binders, shredders and laminators. If you already know what you need then please click on the appropriate image above or if you’d like some more information please read through our buyers guide below.

Binding Supplies - Binders are used to bind loose sheets of paper together to form books or brochures. Binding supplies consist of two main product types. Binding combs, which secure the paper once the binding machine has punched the holes and binding covers that are used to protect the bound document. There are variations of these products depending on the type of binder you have with comb binders, wire binders and thermal binders each requiring different products. The most common form of binding in offices is comb binding that utilises a plastic binding comb to secure the paper into a booklet form. Comb binding is popular as the binding machines are easy to use and the supplies needed relatively cheap. Binding combs are also available that can hold anything from 30 sheets to 500 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper. Providing the binding machine is capable of working with this range of sizes it provides a great degree of flexibility for the user.

Shredder Supplies - Shredders don’t specifically need supplies for them to operate, however shredder oil is highly recommended to keep the machines moving parts lubricated and the shredder in good working order. Many shredders also require bags to catch the shredded material which allow for them to be easily and cleanly disposed of. All shredder manufacturers recommend using shredder oil as it lubricates and conditions the cutting blades and extends the life of your shredder. A few drops of oil should be applied to the cutters each time the waste paper particles are emptied. Ensure that whilst applying the oil that the shredder is switched off and unplugged to prevent accidents. Another handy method of oiling your shredder is by using a shredder sheet or envelope. These are impregnated with oil and are simply fed through the shredder as you would with a normal sheet of paper. They spread the oil evenly over the cutting blades and should be used once per month.

Labelmaker tapes and labels - Labelmakers fall into two categories, the handheld devices are popular in warehouses and shops and produce an instant label on a piece of tape with an adhesive backing . The desktop devices generally connect to your PC and software is used to produce labels. This section includes both the tapes and labels for all the popular machines from Dymo and Brother. Labelmaker tapes are typically used with handheld devices where you type directly onto the machine and the label is produced instantly. They are available in a number of widths and lengths and in a vast array of colour options both for the background colour and the lettering. Labels are generally used with the desktop label printers which connect via USB and can be used to create large volumes of labels for addressing envelopes of for labelling products.

Laminating Pouches- Laminators encase paper documents in plastic to provide protection and prolong the life of frequently handled paper items. Laminating pouches are essentially a piece of plastic folder in half. Laminating pouches range in size from ID size to A2 size and you can also purchase laminating film on rolls. As well as the pouch size you can also choose the thickness which is measured in microns. This is displayed in each products title and also in the specifications. The thickness is shown as a total for the finished laminated item and often you may also see the thickness of each side of the pouch displayed. Entry level pouches start at 150micron with the very thickest being 350micron which provides a fairly rigid finished laminated product. It’s worth checking your laminator’s specifications before purchasing the thicker pouches as not all laminating machines will work with heavier weights. A final consideration when purchasing laminating pouches is the finish you require. You can choose from either gloss or matt depending on what they are to be used for.

Batteries - From all the top manufacturers including Duracell and Energizer and in all the sizes you’d expect such as AA, AAA, C Size, D Size and 9 Volt. This section also includes battery chargers for rechargeable batteries and make sure you keep an eye out for our special offer packs to save yourself some pennies. If you use a lot of batteries then look out for the larger packs of ten or twenties.

Telex Rolls - Used with telex machines and available in both one and two-ply options.

Fax Rolls - Our thermal fax rolls come in a choice of lengths and widths and are compatible with all major manufacturers. They come complete with a 1m warning strip so you don’t get caught out when the roll is running low.

Tally Rolls - For use on cash registers and adding machines. Choose from thermal rolls as well as 1, 2 or 3 ply options.

Electrical Accessories - This section is home to our range of extension cables and surge protection leads. You can select anything from two to ten sockets and with cables ranging from 1m to 25m.

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