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Office machines are an important part of many businesses and purchasing the right machines can save companies both time and money. Our extensive range of office machines has been developed to provide business or all sizes top quality products at heavily reduced prices. By working closely with big brand names such as Rexel, GBC and Fellowes we are able to provide you with expert support to help you make the right choices for you business needs.

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Our office machines section is packed full of fantastic products to help your business run smoothly and effectively. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or if you’d like more information on any of the products please read our buyers guide below.

Binding Machines - Are used to bind together loose sheets of paper to form a bound book or brochure. There are several different types of binding machine with the most popular being Comb Binders, Wire Binders and Thermal Binders. Prices can range from as little as £30 to several hundred depending on the amount of binding you need to do and the functionality of the machine. The most popular of the office binders is comb binding machines due to their simplicity and the low cost of supplies. Comb binders use plastic binding combs to secure the paper and these can range in capacity from 30 sheets to 500 sheets depending on your requirements. Wire binding machines work much in the same way, however, as the name suggests they use wire to bind the document rather than plastic. This gives the bound piece a more professional and permanent appearance. Thermal binders use an adhesive which is melted and then hardened around the pages of the document. This provides a permanent bond and gives the most professional look, however should a mistake be made and a page need to be removed then it is far more difficult than it would be with a wire or comb binder.

Shredders - Identity theft is major crime in the UK and is on the rise as criminals can easily use the information to buy goods online. For further details on ID fraud we suggest referring to the action fraud website. A good shredder is now an essential for all homes and businesses and we have a wide range to choose from including personal shredders, departmental shredders and even industrial shredders. There are two main types of shredder, the strip cut and the cross cut. Strip cut shredders are generally lower priced as they simply cut the paper into long strips. This type of shredding is not very secure so it should only be used on none sensitive paperwork. Cross cut shredders, also known as confetti cut, make two cuts to the paper across the horizontal and the vertical meaning the particles produced are little squares. This style of shredder offers more security and the security level increases as the particles produced decrease in size. For full details on shredder security levels please read our blog article Shredder Security levels explained.

Label Printers - There are two primary types of label printer, the handheld devices and the desktop devices. Handheld label printers are ideal for warehouses or shops and print off a label instantly. Desktop label printers connect to a PC through a USB connection and come with labelling software that allows you to design your label prior to printing. Dymo and Brother are the market leaders in labelling products and produce a wide range of printers that cover both instant and desktop labelling.

Laminators - A laminator is used to seal documents in plastic through the application of glue, heat or pressure. Laminators are used to create ID cards, notices, health, safety posters and information leaflets to name just some applications. The most common type of laminator used in offices is the pouch laminator. Documents are placed in laminating pouches which are then fed through the laminator where heat and pressure is applied to melt the glue which is around the edge of the pouch. Laminating pouches are available in varying thicknesses depending on your requirements.

Calculators - Calculators are used by office workers, students and around the home and are the most widely used product in our office machines section. We supply basic handheld to desktop calculators to scientific calculators and printing calculators.

Fax Machines - Despite the huge advancements in technology since Fax Machines first became popular and the wide use of email in modern day business the humble fax machine still has its place and will be present in most offices as a standalone unit or as part of a multifunctional printer.

Dictation Equipment - Is used to record speech for playback and transcription at a later date. Historically dictation machines have recorded onto mini cassettes and tapes, however this technology has now largely been replaced by digital machines that record onto solid state memory cards or chips. The benefit of this is that your recordings can now be transferred to a PC and many dictation machines come with software that allows you to edit and copy your voice files.

Telephones and accessories - This section covers everything from you basic phone to multi handset devices as well as answer machines and headsets which are great for individuals who spend prolonged period of time on the phone each day.

Cash Registers - Our range supplied by market leaders Sharp and Casio covers entry levels cash registers that start from under £100 to more advanced models that can be linked using free software. Many models come with an antimicrobial keypad as standard which is ideal for stopping the spread of germs and bugs which can be transmitted on money.

Wasp Bar Coding Software - Wasp offer a simple plug and play solution to barcoding, asset management and time and attendance systems. There all in one barcoding system allows you to design, generate and print barcodes. It also integrates with Microsoft office programs meaning you don’t need to invest in lot of new and expensive software.

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