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Our range of office planning products has been developed to help businesses organise their time and their employees time and to help promote efficient working practices. Here you will find staff planners and year planners, perpetual planners, calendars, wall maps, t-card panels and much more.

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Our office planning section covers a broad range of products to help you organise your business and staff more effectively. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above, alternately if you’d like more details on any of the products in this section please read our buyers guide below.

Perpetual Planners - Sometimes also referred to as planning boards they can be reused year after year and are often used for project planning or as a year planner or staff planner. Perpetual planners will often have laminated dry wipe surface or a magnetic drywipe surface allowing you to quickly and easily make changes. In this respect they are very similar to whiteboards. Perpetual planners come in many formats but are most commonly found in weekly, monthly and yearly formats.

T Card Panels- Are a great visual aid to planning and can be used as a project planner or for workload scheduling. T Card planning systems are also very popular in warehouses for managing stock. T Card Panels are available in pre built planning kits or as separate components that allow you to create your own planning system. Building your own T-Card system is a relatively easy process. Simply start by selecting the size of T-cards your wish to use in the system. This can be one single size or a mixture of all those available. Once you know the card size required the rest of your system can be built round these dimension. The next step is panel selection and these will need to match the T-Card sizes you’ve already picked. Once you have your panels the final step is securing them all together and this is achieved using a like bar. The link bars simply click over the top and bottoms of your panels to create a rigid planning board which can then be wall mounted.

T Cards - T cards are used in conjunction with T card panels and come in 4 different sizes and 8 different colours that allow you to colour code your planning system. Size 1 T cards measure just 16x49mm whereas the largest size 4 T cards measure 112x180mm. They are made from a robust 160gsm card.

Wall Maps- Wall maps may seem a little out of date considering all of the advanced software and technology now available on the market that can replicate many of the tasks wall maps would have once been used for. Our range of laminated maps are permanently bonded between two sheets of tough, flexible, crystal clear plastic making them virtually indestructible. They are available in three main formats, UK regional wall maps, UK wide wall maps and European and World maps.

Calendars - Our range includes weekly, monthly and yearly formats in wall mountable or desk based calendars. Please note that calendars for the upcoming year are not generally available from the manufacturers until July or August. However, if you require pricing and cannot see when you are looking for then please contact us on 0115 9455833 and we will do our best to help. We stock three main brands of calendars which between them offer a fantastic range of formats. Collins and At-A-Glance are market leaders when it comes to diaries and calendars and at Office Allsorts you’ll find some of the lowest prices in The UK on both brands. We also have a our low cost but high quality 5 star brand, ideal if you’re buying in bulk.

Year Planners and Staff Planners - We supply top brands including Sasco and Collins as well as the excellent value 5 Star range. Please note that year planners and staff planners for the upcoming year are not generally available from the manufacturers until July or August. However, if you require pricing and cannot see when you are looking for then please contact us on 0115 9455833 and we will do our best to help. When choosing staff and year planners one of the key decisions is whether to select and mounted or un-mounted version. Both options are laminated and generally come with drywipe markers and planning stickers. The mounted planners, as the name suggests, come on a thick board and offer a sturdy and robust planning solution. Unmounted planners are comprised of a high quality thick paper which has been laminated. Unmounted planners are lower in cost as less material goes into their production.

For further information on planning products why not take a look at Office Allsorts Blog post ‘Diaries and Planners for 2016’.

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