Office Screens and Partitions

Office screens, also known as office partitions or dividers, are used in many offices and other working environments to help contain noise, to provide privacy to individuals or teams of workers or to separate departments that are based in large offices together. Office screens come in many shapes and sizes ranging from desktop screens to floor standing screens that can be up to 1600mm tall.

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Buyers Guide

At Office Allsorts we offer a full selection of office screens including desktop screens, floor standing flat and curved screens, shaped screens and top vision screens. The benefit of using office screens is that they are extremely flexible and can be moved as required by business demands. They are also relatively cheap and allow you to create temporary office space or meeting rooms when the only other option may be to move to costly new offices.

Office screens may not seem important when designing an office layout, however the flexibility they provide can be a huge benefit, especially as the office starts to fill up and space becomes more of a premium. In the modern working environment more and more businesses are choosing open plan office space as it makes communication much easier. This in turn helps increase productivity and develops collaborative working amongst colleagues and departments. Even though the culture of cubicles and offices for managers may be changing there is still a need for office partitioning in many companies.

One of the biggest benefits of office screens is the privacy they offer people. A small desktop divider between desks can help create a working space for an individual. Even though they may be able to still see and converse with colleagues they will feel like they have a space of their own which they can personalise with family pictures or perhaps a small plant. This will help them feel more comfortable in their surroundings and more relaxed which will lead to a more productive and happy worke.

Free standing screens can also be used to break up large offices so teams or departments have designated areas. The flexible nature of office screens means that should a team grow or shrink in size you can easily change the space they have available to them.

A final benefit is the noise absorbing qualities that office screens have. There are specific acoustic screens available on the market, however even standard screens will disrupt sound waves and make a large open plan space less noisy.

Types of Office Screen

Desk Screens- Allow you to partition a desk or group of desks to provide privacy for the user and also an element of noise reduction from other people in the office. Generally made of a lightweight honeycomb core that allows for easy movement and set up they are attached to the desk by means of a clamp or stabilising feet.

Floor Standing Screens - Come in a range of heights up to 1600mm and in a number of widths from 800mm to 1600mm. We supply both flat and curved screens that can connected to create temporary offices or meeting rooms.

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