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Our extensive range of office storage products has been developed to offer both businesses and consumers a great choice of storage options at fantastic prices. Here you will find our ranges of cupboards, lockers, bookcases and shelving.

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Buyers Guide

The office storage section covers a wide range of products designed to help keep your office organised, tidy and running smoothly. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or if you would like further information on the products available please read through our buyers guide below.

Cupboards - Small and Medium -Within this section are all our cupboards up to a height of 1300mm. We supply a wide range of cupboards manufactured from wood in a number of finishes with the most popular being Beech, Maple and Oak. Also available are steel storage cupboards which are available as Tambour units or with standard opening doors. Tambour units are increasingly popular as less space is required in front of the storage unit. Rather than opening outwards the tambour doors slide round the cupboard into the side and rear of the carcass. Tambour doors are manufactured from strips of either plastic or metal and this is what gives them their fantastic flexibility. There are two main styles of tambour unit. The most common is the side opening version where the doors slide sideways. Less popular is the top opening tambour, this operates in a similar way to a garage door and goes into the roof of the storage unit. The most common colours are silver, grey and black although some manufacturers do very colourful ranges which are great for schools or design orientated businesses.

Cupboards -Tall -Here you will find our cupboards over 1300mm in height with the tallest being nearly 2000m. Our range starts with the Trexus budget cupboards and goes up to our executive cupboards that combine both style and practicality. Again we have mix of both wood and steel finishes with standard opening or tambour type doors.

Lockers -Every workplace, no matter the size, can benefit from a well organised and will equipped locker room or changing area. Lockers are a cost effective means of providing staff with a safe and secure environment in which to store valuable items.

Bookcases - Small and Medium -Bookcases form a important part of any office as they not only provide a useful function by keeping all you books, catalogues, product information, reference guides etc in one easily accessible place they also help create a pleasant working environment. This section covers all our bookcases up to 1200m in height.

Bookcases - Tall-For those with requirements for a lot of shelf space our range of tall bookcases are ideal. This section includes bookcases from budget to executive and heights from 1200mm to 2000mm.

Office Storage Other- This section includes our range of shelving for both home and business use. We have a wide range of wall mountable and free standing shelves for light usage up to heavy duty requirements.

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