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Packing equipment comes in many forms and there are tools to suit both occasional and heavy users. As well as a great range of packing equipment we also have an extensive selection of packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and document envelopes as well as packaging tape. This section includes all those products that will help improve the speed and efficiency of your warehouse and packing operation.

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Film Cutter with Reversible Guarded Blade

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(£1.57 INC VAT)

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Tape Dispenser Bench Metal for 50mmx66m Rolls

261 In Stock

£12.23 EX VAT

(£14.68 INC VAT)

13% Saving off RRP


Cross Weave Dispenser Ref PDFT50

Available for Preorder

£18.67 EX VAT

(£22.40 INC VAT)

22% Saving off RRP


Strapping Sealer Tool

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Floorstand for Reels of Polypropylene Strapping Blue

Available for Preorder

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Bow Wrapper Stretch wrap Dispenser Ref BER4050

Available for Preorder

£78.20 EX VAT

(£93.84 INC VAT)

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Mobile Strapping Dispenser Ref PD40

Available for Preorder

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(£137.33 INC VAT)



Buyers Guide

Tape Dispensers - There are two main varieties of tape dispenser available for use with packaging tape. These are handheld and bench based tape dispensers. By the far the most popular is the hand held dispenser, also commonly called a tape gun or carton sealer. These are held in one hand using the handle and the tape is situated on a revolving wheel in the body of the dispenser. The tape can be applied to the box or carton to be sealed with one hand and a cutting blade on the dispenser cuts the tape at the desired point. They are extremely easy to handle and the benefit of one handed operation means the user can employ their other hand to hold the item being taped in position. They are available with or without an adjustable brake option that helps regulate the speed of the tape gun and higher specification models will have a retractable blade for safety. Bench based tape dispensers sit on top of the packing bench or work surface where packing is carried out. In some cases they can be fixed to the surface to prevent movement but generally they come with heavy weighted bases to keep them in place when in use.

Strapping Systems - Strapping is used to secure items to pallets and for strapping boxes together. It is a heavy duty polypropylene that is typically 12mm in width and is supplied on large reels up to 2000m in length. Strapping kits can be purchased that include all the items you need or alternatively these items can be bought individually. The key components required are the strapping reel and stand onto which the reel is placed, trolleys can also be purchased to make the reel more transportable. Also needed are a tensioner and a cutter unit which tightens the strapping and then cut’s it at the appropriate point. Finally you will need some strapping seals which secure the ends of the strapping and prevents it from loosening.

Shrink Wrap Dispenser - In many packing operations this type of dispenser won’t be required as shrink wrap rolls are used by hand and wrapped around pallets or parcels to prevent movement during transport and provide added protection. Shrink wrap dispensers are extremely useful for handling large roles of shrink wrap. You can also purchase shrink wrap systems that have hot air blowers and unrolling devices.

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