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The packaging materials section of our website covers many of the products you would use to send and protect goods when being shipped by the Royal Mail or by a courier firms such as FedEx of UPS. If you’re looking for protective envelopes then these can be found in our envelopes section or by clicking here.

The increase in parcels and large packages being sent due to the rise of online shopping and the success of the likes of eBay and Amazon means it has never been cheaper to send bulky items. There are numerous new and specialist parcel couriers now in the market that are helping force the price down for the consumer. However, not every courier firm or parcel service has the same level of care and attention with the parcels they handle as you may like and so it is crucial to package your item securely. Using a strong and sturdy box coupled with plenty of packaging material such as Kraft paper or bubble wrap should give your goods the protection they need to arrive at their destination safely.

We have lots of choice in boxes and packaging materials so if you’re not quite sure what you need please give us a call on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Packing items need not be a long and laborious task, if you have the right equipment for the job you can not only improve your packaging speed but also the quality thereby ensuring products arrive where they’re going safely. If you know what supplies you need then please click on the appropriate product image above, if you need a few more details then our buyers guide below can help.

Cardboard Boxes - If the items you wish to send are too large or perhaps to fragile for a bubble lined bag then a cardboard box is the place to start. Basic boxes come flat packed and are typically available in brown, however white is available but normally limited to the smaller sizes. Measurements are provided in millimetres (mm) and refer to the internal dimensions of the box once assembled. There are two main varieties of box to choose from once you have picked your size and colour, these are single walled boxes and double wall boxes. Single wall boxes have one corrugated layer whereas double wall have two. Double wall boxes are much sturdier and provide more protection. They are suitable for heavier items and also for international shipping. For smaller items self locking boxes that come with a lid are available as are fold over boxes that effectively let you wrap the box around the item being sent. The advantage with the fold over style is that no packaging is needed and they have their own adhesive under a peel away strip so no tape is required either.

Bubble Wrap - Available on rolls in varying sizes from 500mm wide by 3m long to 1000mm wide by 200m long. Bubble wrap is essentially lots of small pockets of air encased inside two layers of thin plastic. It provides excellent cushioning for items and is very popular for people moving house who need to protect fragile items. For details on how bubble wrap will soon be losing its pop take a look at our blog post Its bubble wrap Jim but not as we know it.

Packaging Paper - This section includes three types of paper used for packaging. The most common is Kraft paper which is a thick brown paper that can be scrunched up and placed in your box to provide excellent protection. Tissue paper is much thinner and is useful for smaller boxes and fragile items; it provides a soft cushioning and can also be packed very tightly to prevent movement which can in turn cause damage. Finally corrugated paper is another good option for bulk packaging, typically supplied on large rolls it is generally produced from recycled material.

Postal Tubes - Manufactured from strong cardboard and with plastic removable end caps they are ideal for sending large documents by post.

Shrink Wrap/Stretch Wrap - Is a very thin yet strong plastic that has the ability to stretch thereby providing excellent protection. It is most often used in large despatch operations where pallets are shipped with multiple boxes on. The shrink wrap is used to cover the whole pallet in a thin, tight plastic layer that prevents boxes dropping off or moving around.

Document Envelopes - Are plastic pockets or envelopes with one clear side and one adhesive side that is covered by a peel off paper layer. When shipping goods a document envelope is attached to the outside of the box and the delivery note, invoice or other accompanying paperwork is placed inside.

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