Padded Envelopes

Padded envelopes are designed to give extra protection to their contents so fragile items such as CD’s and DVD’s arrive at their destination in good condition. Padded envelopes come in two main types, namely bubble bags and padded bags, a full explanation of the differences between them and what it is best to use each type of padded envelope for is outlined below.

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Category Guide

Types of Padded Envelope

Bubble Bags - Are constructed using a tear resistant, high quality white paper exterior and a lightweight laminated bubble lining. This lightweight construction helps reduce postage costs. Bubble bags are made by a number of manufacturers with Jiffy being by far the best known and most popular. Bubble bags are best used for fragile items such as CD’s, DVD’s and Jewellery.

Padded Bags -Offer exceptionally strong protection for bulky or heavy items. Manufactured from highly durable tear resistant and puncture resistant kraft paper and come with a double glued bottom flap for extra protection. As with bubble bags Jiffy are the market leaders in this type of product.

Below is a helpful guide to padded envelopes detailing sizes, bag references and suggestions for usage.

Internal Size (MM)Bag No:Suggested Uses
90x45 000 A7, Jewellery
115x195 00 A4, Floppy Disk
140x195 0 CD's
170x245 1 A5, Video Tapes
205X245 2 Small Gifts
220x320 3 Desk Diary
240x340 4 A4, Brochures
260x345 5 Books
290x445 6 Shirts, Clothes
340x445 7 A3

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