Pedestals, also known as filing pedestals or office filers, are essentially individual drawer units for use by one person. They generally reside under or next to a desk and have two, three or four drawers. The drawers themselves can vary in size and function depending on what is required to be stored in them. A common pedestal format is to have two drawers, the bottom one being a filing drawer capable of accepting suspension files and the top one being a standard size for stationery items and personal belongings. Not all offices require pedestals for every user and it may be more cost effective to invest in larger, centralised storage units.

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Buyers Guide

Office pedestals are used for individual filing and storage and can be an extremely helpful tool for people in organising their paperwork. They also help keep desktops tidy and therefore can contribute to keeping the office in general clutter free and organised. Before purchasing pedestals it’s important to consider how they will be used and if alternative storage may be better suited for your storage needs. Pedestals are generally used for de-centralised filing and for personal belongings. They are ideal for individuals who wish to file documents that directly relate to their own work and are not required to be seen or accessible by others. For centralised filing that can be accessed by multiple members of staff please refer to our filing cabinets and office storage sections.

What to consider when purchasing Filing Pedestals……

Number and Type of Drawers - Filing pedestals are most commonly found in two and three drawer units with less common formats such as four and single drawer units also being available. As mentioned above the type of drawers in each pedestal can differ, however all are made up of two types of drawer. Filing drawers are deep enough to hold suspension files and have metal runners that allow the files to sit in the drawer and be easily accessed. These drawers are always located at the bottom of the pedestal as they carry the most weight and this therefore gives the unit stability. There is normally only one filing drawer in a pedestal but some do have two if you have a large requirement for filing space. The second type of drawer is the standard size that is used for office stationery, personal belongings and may even be suitable to hold your laptop whilst you’re away from your desk. They are typically used in conjunction with filing drawers so a typical pedestal may have one filing drawer at the bottom of the unit with one or two standard drawers above.

Construction - The majority of pedestals are manufactured from metal, generally steel, or a chipboard with varying melamine wood effect finishes. The choice you make will largely be down to personal preference and the type of office furniture you already have. Metal offers a more contemporary feel whereas the wood finishes can be purchased to match existing furniture. The most common wood finishes are Oak, Beech and Maple and we supply complete ranges of desks, pedestals and office storage in each colour option.

Under Desk or Desk Side - Most people will be familiar with the under desk pedestals that tuck in to one side of you. These can be either attached to the underside of your desk or are more commonly found on casters and simply slide under to the desired position. Also available are desk side pedestals, this style are the same height as your desk and thereby provide extra space to work on.

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