Pencil Sharpeners

Our range of pencil sharpeners starts with the basic office sharpeners made from either metal of plastic. These low cost pencil sharpeners are perfect for everyday use in the office, home or in the kids pencil case for school. A step up from these is the manual pencil sharpeners that can be clamped to a desk or work bench. These are much more robust and can be used as general classroom sharpener. We also have a range of excellent electric pencil sharpeners which are either battery or mains powered or in some instances a combination of both. The electric sharpeners come with an automatic cut off feature that stops the machine once the pencil is sharp.

If you need any help or assistance selecting a pencil sharpener then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

A pencil sharpener is a device used for sharpening the writing point of a pencil by shaving away the worn surface. Pencil sharpeners can be either manually or electrically operated.>/p>

The first patent for a device to sharpen a pencil was applied for in 1828 by a French mathematician, with an improved design coming along in 1847. Electric pencil sharpeners have been made since 1917. Before the invention of the pencil sharpener people used knives for the purpose of sharpening pencils. Pencil sharpeners were a big improvement as they were quicker and created a more uniformed finish.

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