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A personal organiser or personal planner is a small binder style book that is designed to be portable and usually contains a diary, calendar, address book and blank paper for notes. We have a range of personal organisers to suit all budgets and tastes from Filofax mini organisers to top of the range A4 leather personal organisers.

If you need some help selecting your Filofax then why not take a look at our Guide to Filofax article or alternatively call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 .

Buyers Guide

Filofax are a UK based company that produce personal organisers. The organisers are traditionally leather based with a six-ring loose leaf system for holding the contents in place. The term Filofax come from the phrase 'File of Facts' and was first coined in 1921 when the company was founded. The company went under the name Norman & Hill until the 1980's when they renamed themselves after their most famous product. It was also the 1980's when Filofax popularity grew enormously thanks to its links with Yuppie Culture. The Filofax was seen as one of the must have accessories of the time along with the Sony Walkman and Mobile Phone.

Filofax come with a large choice of available inserts, some of the most popular being;

- Personal details pages

- Calendars including list of holidays and school holidays

- Year Diary

- Address book, with alphabetic tabs

- Blank pages

- Note pages

- Post It like notes, in various colours

- City map

- Plastic ruler with incomplete holes that can also be used a bookmark

- Calculator

- Credit card holder

- Zip pocket

- Pencil or pen which slips into a slot in the case

What features should you look for when purchasing a Filofax organiser….

Size - Filofax are available in many different size formats and we supply the pocket size and personal size versions. A pocket Filofax measures 120 x81mm and is small enough to be carried easily in bag or breast pocket. The personal size are a fraction larger and measure 172x96mm, still small enough to be portable whilst also providing additional space on inserts for writing notes or detailing appointment details.

Colour - Most people will probably have a memory of the 80’s style Filofax which was typically black in colour with a gloss finish. Happily the colours and designs have moved on and you can now buy a Filofax in virtually any colour and also with numerous printed design options. The choice of finish has also improved with matt, gloss or high gloss being options.

Closure Choices - The majority of Filofax organisers have the strap and popper closure, also known as press stud. This is situated in the middle of the organiser helping to ensure that when closed your contents stay where they should be. Other popular options are elastic closures where a thick material band is wrapped vertically or horizontally around the cover, this style of closure can also add a nice design detail as the band is typically in a contrasting colour to the organiser itself. A popular choice on larger Filofax and also those that can be used as tablet or iPad cases is the Zip closure due to the added protection it provides.

Material - Filofax produce their organisers from leather, leather look material such as PU and fabric which is often a strong cotton twill.

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