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Picture frames are used in most offices, workplaces and within educational environments throughout the UK for a multitude of reasons. They are perfect for displaying certificates or awards that your organisation or team members may have received. They can hold important information and warning signs or they could be used for displaying artwork or pictures. They are available in sizes ranging from A5 to A0 and have a wide choice of frame styles and colours, or if you opt from a clip frame, no frame at all.

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Buyers Guide

Our picture frame category has been split by frame size to make browsing these products nice and easy. If you know what you’re looking for then please click on one of the images above. Alternatively please take a minute to review our buyers guide below that will take you through some of the key buying decisions you need to make.

Frame Size - Our picture frames start from just 100 x 150mm and these are part of the Durable Fotoframe range which have lots of clever and unique features. They are self adhesive so can be stuck virtually anywhere, plus they have the advantage that no residue is left behind on glass or Perspex. They also have simple to use magnetic front which is simply lifted when you wish to insert a picture. Finally they have an additional text field where names or details about your photo can be displayed. The choice of frames after the 100 x 150mm version follows fairly standard sizes that most people will be familiar with. A4 is by far the most common available; however we also stock A3, A2, A1 and A0.

Frame Material - One of the key features required by most people buying frames for use in public building is that they are plastic fronted rather than made from glass. This is obviously a key safety issue as if a picture frame is knocked from a wall you don’t want glass shattering over the floor. It also has the happy benefit of making picture frames cheaper to purchase as plastic has a lower production cost than glass. In terms of the frame itself the main materials used to produce them are plastic, wood and aluminium. However, many plastic frames are produced to have a wood or metal like finish.

Loading Mechanism - Traditional picture frames are, at best, a little tricky when it comes to changing their contents. It normally involves bending back small metal prongs so that the frame back can be removed and the picture changed. A great time saving option is a front loading frame also sometimes referred to as a snap frame. With this style all four sides are spring loaded and are simply pulled back to open which allows you to quickly remove and replace the frame contents. They are ideal for environments where the picture frame contents may need to be regularly changed.

Best Selling Products

£1.99 EX VAT

(£2.39 INC VAT)

81% Saving off RRP


£5.08 EX VAT

(£6.10 INC VAT)

60% Saving off RRP


£8.02 EX VAT

(£9.62 INC VAT)

52% Saving off RRP


£4.87 EX VAT

(£5.84 INC VAT)

58% Saving off RRP


£18.48 EX VAT

(£22.18 INC VAT)

58% Saving off RRP


£4.92 EX VAT

(£5.90 INC VAT)

67% Saving off RRP


£3.05 EX VAT

(£3.66 INC VAT)

55% Saving off RRP


£3.39 EX VAT

(£4.07 INC VAT)

81% Saving off RRP


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