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Plastic folders are a lightweight and practical way of storing and protecting documents. Our plastic folders category includes a wide range of folder styles to suit your document storage needs. Available in a number of different colours they are a great way of storing and organising paperwork. Plastic folders generally only store small amounts of paper, if you require storage for higher volumes we suggest looking at our plastic wallets section.

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Our plastic folders section incorporates paper storage products that are made of polypropylene that don’t fall into our plastic wallets section. It includes a number of different styles of folder, some of which, such as cut flush folders, will be familiar to most people. However we also have a number of other folder types with additional features and extra storage capacity.

Cut Flush Folders - Open on two sides providing easy document access. Most cut flush folders are now copy safe, meaning they will not lift the print from your documents if left in the folder for a period of time. Cut flush folders are also generally low slip to prevent your paper from simply sliding out of the folder. Available in a wide range of colours which can be used to help identify the contents, this allows for different projects of subjects to be held in different coloured folders. Cut flush folders generally have no way of labelling or identifying the contents, however the fact that they are translucent means it’s easy to see the folder contents.

3-Flap Elasticated Folders -This style of folder provides added document security through elastic corner closures that ensure your folder contents stays where it’s supposed to. Great for presentations, project planning and any task where you need to safely transport important documents.

Pocket Folders - Each manufacturer will call this type of folder a different name, however they all essentially have the same features. Look out for Twinfiles or stay put pockets for examples of this style. Made from tough and durable polypropylene, pocket folders have two internal pockets for your documents to sit in. Some may also have a clamp or elasticated corners to prevent the contents from slipping out. This type of folder is ideal for presentations.

Clip Files - Made from tough and translucent polypropylene and often with a clear pocket on the inside of the front cover that allows for an A4 sheet to be inserted. They can hold approximately 30 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper and the contents are secured by a swing clip that sits on the outside of the folder that is simply pulled up to release the paper it’s holding.

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