Plastic Pockets

Plastic pockets, punched pockets or poly pockets are ideal for keeping filed documents clean. Great for use in instruction manuals, training guides or other presentations which see a lot of use and which, without plastic pockets would soon end up dirty and dog-eared. A4 punched pockets are the most widely used as the pre-punched holes are aligned to fit all types of ring binders or lever arch files. Punched pockets also come in A3 and A5 sizes. In addition to plastic punched pockets, other versions are available from 3L, Leitz and Avery to hold CDs and business cards.

Not sure which plastic pockets you need, then please call the helpful and friendly Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Plastic pockets are one of the most widely used items under the filing category. Popular in offices and schools and commonly used at home as part of a filing system, this low cost item helps protect documents that would otherwise become tired and damaged with regular use. Prices start from as little as 3p each which goes a long way to making this an office must have.

Although this may seem like an easy product to purchase there are a few things you should consider before buying;

Thickness - As with many office supplies products made from plastic material, plastic pockets are measured in Microns in relation to the thickness of the product. Lightweight entry level pockets start at 50 micron and this type of item would feel very thin and crinkle easily. We would recommend this thickness only hold one or 2 sheets of paper and are used for documents that are being handled a lot. For general day to day office or school life we’d recommend going for an 80 micron pocket as this will stand up to day to day use without being easily damaged. For the highest quality and look out for 125 micron pockets. These generally also have reinforced strips which prevents the holes from becoming strained.

Openings - There are two versions available when it comes to how you can access your documents. The standard type that most people will be familiar with is top-opening, this allows a document to be inserted from the top of the pocket only. For easier access to the pocket contents top and side opening are also available. This means that both the short side and the long side are open.

Size - By far the most popular size is A4 as these fit inside A4 lever arch files and ring binders. We also supply A3 and A5 plastic pockets and these each have dedicated categories on our website to make them nice and easy to find.

Finish – As standard poly pockets have a lightly embossed surface to prevent glare and reflections; this enables the documents contained inside to be easily read. If the pockets are being used as part of a presentation then clear or glass clear finishes are often preferred as they can provide a more professional appearance.

If you’re still not decided on which punched pockets are right for you or you have a large order to place then please call us on 0115 9455833.

Best Selling Products

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