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Post-it Notes or sticky notes use pressure activated adhesive to stick to just about anything. 3M were the pioneers of sticky notes launching them in the late 1970’s. The most popular Post-it Notes are the classic pastel yellow sticky notes, however there are now multi coloured neon pads and novelty shaped pads such as hearts, animals and arrows also available. Post-It also make indexes for bookmarking and referencing which can be used to highlight where signatories are required to sign documents.

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A sticky note is a small piece of paper with a low tack sticky strip across the top that enables it to be stuck to just about any surface. The adhesive leaves no residue and can be stuck down, removed and re-adhered. The adhesive itself was actually a complete accident and was created in 1968 by a 3M scientist who was attempting to develop a powerful strong adhesive. It took 5 years and the intervention of another member of the 3M team, Arthur Fry, to come up with the idea of using the adhesive on a piece of paper which could then be used as a bookmark. The yellow coloured paper which is synonymous with the 3M Post-it note was also an accident. When looking for paper to add the adhesive too the only colour available was yellow which was being used in the lab next door as scrap paper.

If you’d like to know more about the history of Post-it notes we suggest visiting or the Post-it brand website.

Today Post-it notes are one of the most widely used office products and although being a brand rather than a product name, Post-it has become the term used by most people when referring to the product. Manufacturers other than 3M also produce similar items but the names used such as sticky notes or repositionable notes have never quite caught on to the same degree.

Since the original Post-it notes were produced there have been many developments in the product, below we highlight the key points to consider before purchasing.

Size - The original and most popular size is the 76mm x76mm square note. Alongside this the smaller 38mm x 51mm and the 76mm x 127mm offer rectangular shaped notes and these three sizes make up approx 90% of all the Post-it products. A relatively new size is the 200mm x 149mm which are designed as meeting notes and are great for planning or brainstorming sessions.

Colour - The range of colours covers pretty much anything you could want, as well as standard colours there are also neon and pastel ranges. This huge colour choice has led to many people using Post it notes in artwork and recreating paintings such as the Mona Lisa or producing portraits of such famous people as Elvis and Marilyn Monroe.

Shape - The basic shapes are square and rectangular, however there are some more interesting shapes such as hearts, speech bubbles and arrows if you want something a little bit different on your desk.

Glue Strength - All adhesive used is low tack and won’t leave a residue, however Post-it have now introduced levels super sticky notes that has an improved level of adhesion to the standard product.

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