Post Room Furniture

A post room, or mail room, handles all incoming and outgoing post and it is essential that all operations are kept running smoothly and efficiently at all times. The furniture we offer aims to help with this process. The main processes in a post room are ordering and sorting mail, the most efficient way to keep this operating smoothly in shelving on which to organise your items. We provide a wide range of sorting shelf units and accessories to use in conjunction with these units. Additional items to aid shelving include steps and ladders to reach post in taller units and tables and benches to help make the sorting process more efficient. We supply all of this equipment from top manufacturers including Tercel and Fellowes.

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Buyers Guide

Dedicated post or mail rooms are generally only found in larger organisations or businesses. However, many smaller companies may also have an area set aside for sorting and organising post and where parcels and packages are prepared for shipping. Whatever size business you are purchasing for we have a range of mail sorters, steps and ladders to suit your need.


Mailsorters are also know as pigeon holes thanks to their close resemblance to medieval pigeon cotes. They are essentially small shelving units with identification tabs that allow post and small parcels to be sorted ready for distribution to individuals or departments within an organisation.

Mailsorters vary in size depending on your business needs with some having small holes suitable for only letters and others having larger compartments that can hold small parcels. The most common mailsorters are designed to sit on a table or work bench and are manufactured from either melamine laminated particle board, robust plastic or melamine covered woodchip. Compartments are relatively small with each measuring approximately 225x300x60mm. The number of compartments in each unit varies from 24 to 72 and they can be used in conjunction with one another to create a larger pigeon-hole system if needed.

If you require a unit with larger compartments then look for a brand called Versapak. They manufacturer mesh mailsorters from plastic coated steel that have the ability for the shelves to be moved in 25mm increments. They are available in small 6 compartment units up to the large 24 compartment sorters and as with the table top versions units can be used in conjunction with one another. The standard compartment size for this type of mailsorter is 267x178mm.

Steps and Ladders

Steps and ladders can be useful throughout a business and are not limited to just being used in the post room. Our range includes everything from two step folding products that can be tucked away when not in use to mobile steps mounted on retractable castors which are designed for use in busy despatch facilities. Look out for the highly efficient combi-step systems which convert from step ladders to extension ladders.

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