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Our presentation equipment category has been developed to provide you with all the tools you need when presenting or training within your business or promoting products and services to your customers. Here you will find flipchart easels and pads, projectors and projector screens, display units and literature holders.

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Buyers Guide

Our presentation equipment section covers a wide range of products designed to help you present both internally or externally and to small and large audiences. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or if you would like more information about the products we sell please have a read through our buyers guide below.

Flipcharts and Accessories - Flipchart easels are a great, low cost and often portable way of presenting information to large groups. Starting from under £40 for a basic tripod flipchart easel they are ideal for meeting rooms, training rooms and brainstorming. Flipchart easels may be considered a little ‘old fashioned’ as more new, technologically advanced products come onto the market. However, where the flipchart easel may not have all the bells and whistles of some of the newer presenting tools it does have a number of features that they simply can’t compete with. Flipchart easels are highly portable as they are generally made of a lightweight aluminium frame. Many models also have telescopic legs meaning the board will easily fit into a car boot or on the back seat. They also offer a great degree of flexibility as they can be used in conjunction with a flipchart pad or simply as a whiteboard using the board’s drywipe surface. Flipchart easels are also simple to set up. If using one in a meeting you won’t have to spend 30 minutes plugging and un-plugging cables trying to make your presentation appear on the projector screen, you can simply write the key points on a flipchart pad before the meeting and you’re ready to go.

Literature Holders - If you want to display leaflets, brochures or catalogues then this is the section for you. This category contains desk based literature holders, floor standing units and wall mountable holders. This section also contains both desk based and wall mountable sign holders for interior and exterior use. The majority of literature holders are manufactured from clear Perspex. Some will use toughened glass but this adds to the cost and also breaks more easily than the plastic alternative so it is not widely used. A great alternative to a standard sign holder is the Durable Duraframe. These have a self adhesive backing meaning they stick to almost any surface and no screws are required to fit them. If used on glass or similar surfaces they can be easily repositioned without leaving a sticky residue. Each duraframe has a clear font cover that can be fully lifted so your document can be placed easily underneath. Around the edge of the frame is a flexible magnetic strip and this securely closes the frame. Available in packs of two or as singles and in sizes ranging from A4 to A1, they offer a flexible and low cost alternative for your signage requirements.

Projectors and Accessories -Projectors are now primarily LCD based technology and we have a section dedicated to bringing you great value projectors packed full of features. We also offer more traditional overhead projectors as well transparency films that can be used with Inkjet and Laser printers. LCD projectors are available in a great range of sizes to suit all buyers’ requirements and budgets. If you need a small projector that is easy to transport then take a look at the Philips PicoPix pocket projector. Weighing just 0.115kg and measuring only 7cm by 7cm it can easily fit into a bag or briefcase or as the name suggests be carried in your pocket. They are also USB powered so there’s no need to carry around lots of cables and they connect quickly to your laptop allowing you to share your documents easily. This section also covers our projector screens which are used in conjunction with a projecting device to display an image in a large format. There are essentially three types of projector screen available, these being, portable screens, tripod screens and wall mountable screens.

Display Units and Accessories - Our display units and accessories category contains a broad range of products from custom designed exhibition stands to multi panel display units down to smaller sized Durable and Tarifold A4 desk or wall displays. The majority of display units are multi-panel systems that are either floor standing or used on a desktop. They are lightweight as they need to be easy to transport and covered in fabric that accept drawing pins or hook and loop fastenings. They are perfect for showcasing or display work and are therefore used at trade shows and exhibitions or within schools and colleges for displaying students work.

Rail Systems - Are ideal for large meeting rooms, sales floors or lecture halls as they allow for whiteboards and flipchart easels to be moved around the room to the position they are required. A rail is attached to the room’s wall where the system is to be installed. Onto this the boards are hung on special runners which allow them to more freely along the length of the rail. Special extension kits are available that enable boards to pass over one another if there is more than one in use on the system.

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