Presentation Ring Binders

Presentation ring binders are an upgrade from standard ring binders. They normally have hard wearing plastic covering which provides increased durability. Presentation ring binders have clear pockets on the covers and spine for easy personalisation. Office Allsorts stock a wide selection of sizes to service a full range of presentation needs. In presentation ring binders you have two choices of ring type, either 2 or 4 rings. You will need to consider the document type for your presentation to help you decide which binder is best for you to use. The other decision for you to make is the choice of colour. You could coordinate your presentation to a certain brand or the company colours.

If you need any help in making a decision on which presentation folder is right for you then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Presentation ring binders are essentially standard ring binders with a few extra bells and whistles. To help you choose the best binders for your needs we have put together a brief buyers guide outlining the key features available.

What to consider when purchasing a presentation ring binder…….

Pockets - The key reason for purchasing a presentation ring binder is for the pockets that are present on the binders covers. The pockets allow you to personalise the folder by sliding cover sheets into the pockets. The number of pockets available and their position on the binders varies greatly. The most common types of binder have a pocket on the front cover and the spine. The spine pockets can vary in size from being suitable for a small identification label to a full size pocket that extends down the full length and across the full width of the spine. Also available are ring binders with pockets on the front, spine and rear covers. Some presentation ring binders also have pockets on the inside front cover, these can be in the form of a CD pocket or small corner pocket all the way up to a full size A4 pocket.

Spine Width - Ring binder spines are measured in millimetres and the size varies greatly from slim 16mm binders to 70mm and 80mm spines. What you choose will be governed by the amount of paper you wish your binder to hold. The smallest 16mm spines will hold approximately 100 sheets of 80gsm paper. A 38mm spine ring binder will hold approximately 300 sheets and the very largest 70mm spines will hold 600 sheets.

Number of Rings - You can choose from 2 ring or 4 ring presentation binders and this relates to the number of metal rings that secure the contents of the file in place. Both styles do the same job so which you choose will be down to personal preference.

Colours - Presentation ring binders are all manufactured from plastic, also referred to as polypropylene. This gives the great advantage that the colour options available are vast and almost any colour is available or could be produced if needed.

Best Selling Products

£27.14 EX VAT

(£32.57 INC VAT)

48% Saving off RRP


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