Protective Envelopes

Our protective envelopes category covers a number of different envelope styles all designed to ensure their contents arrives at its destination safely and undamaged. The type of protection they offer differs and which style you opt for will largely depend on what you plan to send. Board backed envelopes prevent the bending of their contents thanks to a rigid board backing. Polythene bags are waterproof and puncture resistant and therefore ideal for unusually shaped or bulky items. Mailing bags are reusable and tamperproof and provide piece of mind if you’re sending valuable items.

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Buyers Guide

Choosing which protective envelopes you need should start with the items you are planning to send. Measure the items accurately and then using our buyers guide below decide which style of envelope will be best suited to your requirements.

Board Backed Envelopes - Manufactured from heavyweight manilla with a rigid board backing they provide protection from bending and creasing for your enclosed documents. Available in a range of sizes starting from 240x165mm all the way to 444x368mm and incorporating common sizes such as C4 and C3. The manilla paper is available in different thickness grades which are measured in grams per square meter or g/m2. The higher the g/m2 the thicker the paper and the more protection your enclosed paperwork will have. The vast majority of board backed envelopes have a peel and seal closure as this provide added security thanks to the stronger adhesive used. One note of caution with this type of envelope is that they do not provide much give. Due to the fact that one side of the envelope is rigid there is little flex so they really are only suitable for none bulky paperwork.

Mailing Bags - For the ultimate in protective mailing then mailing pouches or envelopes are available from the manufacturer Versapak. These heavy-duty pouches are for mailing or courier use and are re-usable over 2,000 times. They are made from a durable, heavy gauge PVC-coated nylon material with a zip closure and an integral security sealing device. They are weather resistant as well as being tear and burst resistant. If used in conjunction with Versapak button seals the pouches become more secure and tamper evident which therefore makes them idea for sending valuable or sensitive information. The majority of the range come complete with a plastic address window and a label or franking patch.

Polythene Envelope - If you need an envelope that’s waterproof and stronger than paper, tear resistant and secure then consider polythene or plastic envelopes. You can write on them in permanent marker pen and with an extra strong peel and seal closure they are secure and temper evident. They are available in a wide range of sizes starting from as small as 75x82mm all the way up to 850x700mm. The most common polythene envelopes are white and opaque, however clear options as well as coloured bags also exist. Also available in the section are the plastic grip seal style bags. This type of polythene envelope is not suitable for mailing items however they are great for storage and protecting small items.

For information on postal charges and the regulations of how parcels need to be packed we suggest reviewing the information available on the Royal Mail website .

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