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Find all the products you need to create, maintain and manage an effective recycling system in your business or organisation. The environment is now big news and all businesses, both large and small, can make recycling a key part of their daily activity with only a very small investment. In fact, through recycling of certain items such as printer cartridges you may even be able generate a small income from your unwanted items.

We have lots of helpful articles on recycling and environmentally friendly office supplies in our blog, why not take a look by clicking here.

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Buyers Guide

Recycling waste products is a simple process that all businesses can take part in and encourage staff to support. The place to start is to gain an understanding of what is currently being thrown away in your general waste. You don’t need to catalogue every apple core but try and build a picture up of the key waste types being disposed of. Once you know what your rubbish is composed off contact your local council or waste service provider to discover what can be recycled in your area and what the process is for collecting these items.

It’s best to start with the easy items when starting to recycle. Items such as paper, batteries, printer cartridges and plastics are the most common products to choose as they will contribute heavily to most company’s waste products. One of the most important things you can do when setting up a recycling program is to elect a ‘Champion’ to promote and drive your recycling aims. This should ideally be someone who has an interest in recycling and environmental issues and wants to perform the role. For full details of how a small business can start a recycling program please visit our blog.

Recycling Products, what’s available……..

Recycling Bins - The place to start for many people when starting to recycle is to purchase recycling bins. These are made of hard wearing plastic and come in a range of sizes starting from 15 litres and going up to 90 litres. Many recycling bins are colour coded or come with colour coded lids which can be designated to particular recycled products. Look out for the Rubbermaid Slim Jim recycling bins which thanks to their slim profile can fit virtually anywhere.

Recycling Bin Lids - This section contains all the lids that are compatible with our range of recycling bins. Lids are colour coded to help people quickly identify what each bin is to be used for. Many also have slots designed to suit particular types of waste which helps stop people using bins in error and contaminating the contents.

Battery Collection Bins - These eye catching clear tubes are designed for use in high traffic areas such as retails or within offices or workplaces.

Paper Recycling Bins - The perfect solution for the disposal of waste paper that does not contain sensitive information. Position the bins next to printers, photocopier or in mail rooms so people can easily separate out their paper waste from general rubbish.

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