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Fountain pen refill inks are generally water based and come in either bottles or plastic cartridges. Bottled ink is the most common form of refill ink and is preferred by fountain pen enthusiasts as a wider choice of colours are available and prices are cheaper than replacement ink cartridges.

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Buyers Guide

There are hundreds of different refills available but only a small number will fit the pen you have. We recommend using the refill cartridges manufactured by the same company that made your pen as they are designed to work with one another and will offer the best performance.

We supply refill cartridges for a number of different types of pen.

Cartridge Ink Refills - Most commonly used with Fountain Pens, cartridges are mess free single use plastic canisters that contain fluid ink. To replace your empty ink simply push the new cartridge into place and the act of pushing it in, opens up the cartridge to release the ink inside.

Rollerball Ink Refills - Designed specifically for use with refillable Rollerball pens. Rollerballs provide a smother writing experience than ball point pens due to the type of ink used. They are very much a half way house between fountain pens and ballpoints and provide a similar writing experience to the former but in a convenient format.

Ballpoint Ink Refills - Manufactured by the likes of Parker and Cross specifically for use with their refillable pens. Ballpoint pens are the world most popular pen thanks to the simple convenience and relative low cost.

Bottled Ink - Parker Quink is the main type on bottled fountain pen refill ink we supply. The name is taken from 'Quick' and 'Ink' and it is also known as Parker 51 Ink or Double Quink. Parker Quink is water resistant, will not fade and is quick drying. Developed in 1928, it is still one of the most popular inks on the market today. Inks, surprisingly, can be ‘wet’ or ‘dry’. This has nothing to do with how quickly the ink dries on the paper but is to do with how ‘free flowing’ the ink is. Some nibs and pens work better with ‘wet’ ink and some with ‘dry’. A free flowing nib coupled with a ‘wet’ ink might ‘puddle’ ink on the nib, especially if you write slowly.

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