Rexel Shredders

There are shredders and there are Rexel shredders, so why buy Rexel? After all, all the machine is doing is shredding paper.

Rexel have been making business machines for over 50 years and Rexel shredders are sold in over 120 countries so they must be doing something right.

Choosing a shredder depends on your personal requirements in terms of the security level and usage. In terms of security levels, the higher the security level, the smaller the width of strip or size of confetti cut. Rexel shredders display a security level logo on their business shredders.

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Rexel Shredders in a Nutshell

5 Ranges of Rexel Shredders

Large Shredders – Designed for high volume constant use for 20 people or more

Departmental Shredders – For office environments of up to 20 people

Small Office Shredders – For offices up to 10 people but who still have a need for regularly shredding volumes of paper.

Rexel Shredder

Executive Shredders – Personal shredders capable of being sited under a desk or discreetly in an office.

Home Shredders – Personal shredders for regular shredding of personal correspondence, bills and documents.

Besides security and usage, there are other things that you need to consider before choosing your shredder.

Bin size – You don’t want to have to be emptying the bin every 5 mins so choose a Rexel shredder with a bin size adequate for your purpose. For example bin sizes can range between a massive 200 litres in the Rexel RLWX30 down to 10 litres in the Rexel Alpha Home Shredder.

Paper Size – Not all paper that needs shredding is A4. Rexel provide wide entry shredders that have a shredder mouth of 400mm such as the RLWS41 which can shred paper of A3 size as well as computer listing paper.

Feed Mechanism – In high volumes, you wouldn’t want to be standing feeding sheets into the shredder so Rexel have automatic feeds which can automatically feed up to 650 sheets at a time and will even cope with paper that’s stapled together. The Rexel Auto+ 650 shredder is an example.

Anti-Jam – Put too much paper into some shredders and they’ll judder to a halt. Rexel have introduced the revolutionary ‘Mercury’ jam free technology which warns the user by displaying a red light if they try to feed too much paper in one go.

Safety – Rexel shredders include ‘finger safe’ technology to meet international standards.

Reliability – Shredders need oiling and the cutters need to remain sharp to work efficiently. Some Rexel shredders come with self cleaning cutter technology and automatic oiling systems to ensure the machine remains efficient to give trouble free running.

Energy usage and the environment – Most of the Rexel shredder range come with a power save mode after 2 minutes of non use. In addition, make sure you check the operating noise levels of any shredders you’re considering.

If you need to know more about the different types of shredders be they, Strip Cut Shredders, Cross Cut Shredders or Cryto Cut Shredders and the five different levels of security then read our ‘Guide to Shredders

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Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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