Ring Binders

Ring binders are one of the most commonly used pieces of office stationery as they can hold, and allow easy retrieval of, large amounts of paper. Their low price and wide range of colours make them a popular choice for businesses, schools and for filing at home.

We supply a huge range of ring binders in A5, A4 and A3 size from the top office filing brands including Elba, Leitz and Rexel. Our 5 Star ring binders are especially popular as they offer both high quality manufacturing and affordability. If you need any help or are looking to buy in bulk then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Ring Binders are a widely used document file that has a variety of applications. The width of regular ringer binders makes them most suited to daily use, presentations and manuals. A standard ring binder holds about 100 sheets of paper but the capacity will depend on the ring shape and spine width. The standard ring binder shape is the ‘O’ ring which is designed for easy page turning. Larger ring binders, with increased spine widths, are available and some of these feature a ‘D’ ring shape which offers increased storage capacity. The ‘D’ ring shape is more commonly found in Lever Arch files which is a larger file option more suitable to archiving and long term document storage.

Ring binders are available in three different sizes, A4,, A5 and A3. The standard document type to store in a ring binder is a hole punched sheet of paper. For documents that will need to be referenced regularly and may not be suitable to hole punch; plastic pockets offer the ideal storage solution. Ring Binders contain 2 or 4 rings which are suitable for different types of document filing.

When selecting the type of ring binder to purchase the two other features to consider are the material the ring binder is made from and the identification method required.

The materials to choose from are …..

Paper Covered Board – The cheapest ring binder option is paper covered board which is available in a wide range of colours. More durable laminated paper covers are also available and are more suitable for regular use.

PVC Covered Board – The PVC covered board is much more hard wearing than paper and has a wipe clean finish. Also available in a wide selection of colours you can simply pick your favourite, match the ring binders to your company branding or use a different colour for different topics or projects

Polypropylene Full Cover – The most durable cover is made completely of polypropylene. This material can either be used for solid cover files or thin flexible covers that weigh less and last longer. This type of ring binder cover is ideal for manuals and documents that are to be transported for meetings or presentations.

The identification options available are ….

Spine Ticket Pocket – The most commonly used method, simply write or print details of the ring binder contents on a small ticket and insert into the clear pocket situated on the spine of the binder

Full Length Wrap Around – This full spine pocket that wraps around the file enables you to identify the contents on the spine and front of the file.

Business Card Pocket – This is a small business card sized pocket, typically found on the inside font cover that allows you to insert your personal or company business card. A very useful feature of the ring binder is being used to present a proposal or document to a client.

Clear Full Pocket on Front Cover – A large pocket on the front cover allows you to insert a front cover into your ring binder. Again a very useful feature when presenting information.

If you’re thinking of setting up a filing system in your office or home then please take a look at our blog post on the topic How to set up and effective filing system.

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