Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens offer an alternative to the ballpoint pen as an everyday writing instrument. A rollerball pen provides a smooth writing experience, similar to that of a fountain pen, thanks to the fact that they use gel or water based ink. They have the advantage over ballpoint pens that less pressure needs to be applied to make them write cleanly. This means less stress is placed on the user and people tend to write more quickly.

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Buyers Guide

Rollerball pens provide the user with a smoother writing feel than ballpoint pens as the ink is water or gel based rather than oil based. Rollerball pens were designed to deliver the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the smooth writing performance of a fountain pen.

The rollerball pen has three main advantages over the ballpoint pen.

-Less pressure is required to make the pen write clearly which allows for a more relaxed and comfortable writing style.

-The choice of colours is much greater with rollerball pens due to the wider choice of water soluble dies available.

-Rollerball's will generally write more clearly and boldly than ballpoint pens.

The disadvantages of a rollerball pen as opposed to a ballpoint pen include.

-Water based inks is more likely to smudge than the oil based ink in ballpoint pens.

-Rollerballs with liquid ink may ‘bleed’ through poor quality paper. The effect is reduced if a gel based ink rollerball pen is used.

-They don’t tend to last as long as ballpoint pens as they use a greater amount of ink than ballpoint pens.

What you should look for when buying rollerball pens…..

Ink Type - As we’ve mentioned above there are two types of ink used in rolerballs, gelled inks or water based liquid inks. Water based ink tend to act a bit more like fountain pen ink in that it bleeds more, takes longer to dry and smudges more easily than gelled inks. The type of ink you prefer is largely down to personal preference, if you want a closer writing experience to a fountain pen then liquid ink is probably the best option. If you like ballpoint pens but would like a smoother pen then gelled inks are a great choice.

Line Width - As with all pens and markers the size of the line produced is measured in millimetres (mm). The standard size pens have a line width of between 0.35mm to 0.5mm.

Grips - Similar to ballpoint pens, there are lots of options when it comes to a more comfortable grip. Some rollerball pens have soft barrels whereas others simply have a rubberised section towards the end of the pen to provide cushioning for the fingers.

Colour - Due to the ink used in rollerball pens there are a wide choice of colours available, as well as the standard black, blue and red there are also green, violet, silver, gold and white to name just a few.

If you would like some information on writing instruments please take a look our blog article How to choose a new pen.

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