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Safes may seem like they are all largely the same and that buying one should be a relatively simple task, however many people purchase the wrong safes as they are not aware of all the options on offer to them. The first question to consider when buying a safe is what do you intend to protect inside? Different safes provide different levels of protection and there are numerous types of configuration for the inside layout of a safe.

To ensure you pick a safe that is correct for your requirements please read our buyers guide below that will take you through the key features and points to consider. Alternately, the Office Allsorts team are always ready to help answer any questions you may have on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Safes can be a costly item to purchase so it’s worth carrying out a little research before you buy to ensure you get a product with all the features you need.

What to consider when shopping for a safe………

Grade - The grade is the degree of protection offered by the safe in the event of an attack, it is also sometimes referred to as the Eurograde. Confusingly the Eurograde is awarded to a safe by the manufacturer so one brands grade 5 may be another brands grade 6. The Eurograde is a useful guide to the safes protective capability but it’s worth looking for independent tests done by recognised industry bodies such as those listed below;

- British Testing House LPCB-BRE (EN1143-1)

- Insurance Approved by the AiS (Association of Insurance Surveyors)

- Fire Tested by Swedish SP Laboratory to NT 017

– EPB.S Insafe is an honoured member of the European Security Systems Association

Size - Each range of safes will come in a number of different sizes, consider where the safe is to be located and it’s weight as well as what you plan to store in the safe.

Installation -If you are buying a safe to meet insurance company requirements then it must be installed to their specifications by qualified installers. An incorrectly installed safe may affect any insurance claim you make so it’s important to understand what your insurer requires.

Locking Options -There are two main options to choose from, key locking and electronic locking. Electronic locking is often more expensive than key locking, however it obviously eliminates the need for a key which means there is no chance of it being lost, stolen or copied. The locking mechanism can be further customised with many additional features such as time locks, delayed locking, combination locks or even remote access.

Additional Features - There are lots of extra options when it comes to safes. If you are keeping fragile items inside then carpeted or padded floors are available. Additional shelves can be purchased for many safes to add to the storage capability. Likewise internal drawers are common for smaller items to be held in.

If you’d like to discuss you requirements in more detail then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

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