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Products designed to keep people and property safe are perhaps the most important things a business can invest in. However, they are surprisingly some of the most overlooked areas as stretched budgets are prioritised in to areas that generate revenue and profits for the organisation. Our safety and security category has a great selection of products to suit all budgets. If you are looking to improve work place safety then our high visibility workwear, safety signage and fire extinguishers are just the job. To improve security we offer locking key cabinets as well, fire safes and standard safes for your valuables or important documents. ID badges and name badges are available to identify staff and visitors and ensure all people on your premises are easily identifiable.

Our wide range of products can sometimes be a little daunting, if we can be of any assistance in helping you find the products you need then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

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First Aid - A basic first aid kit is a must have for businesses of all sizes and with prices starting from under £15 for a small basic kit there really is no excuse not to buy one. What your first aid kit contains is largely up to you, there are no set guidelines but the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) do publish recommendations on their website. The easiest way of managing your first aid products is to purchase a complete kit. When this starts to run low on stock or items start to get close to their expiry dates simply purchase a complete refill set so all items are fully replenished.

ID Badges and Name Badges - ID and name badges come in many forms and have many different uses depending on when and where they are employed and for what function. In schools and offices a basic ID badge comprising of plastic badge and cardboard infill is an ideal visitor badge. This type of badge is also popular as delegate badges at a conference. Basic name badges are very cheap and it therefore doesn’t matter if people forget to hand the badge in when they leave the event. If you wish to improve security within your business by introducing staff ID badges then heavy duty, robust badges are also available.

Cash and Documents Boxes - Cash boxes are typically manufactured from steel, have a plastic carry handle, a key lock and inside a coin tray with space underneath for notes. The entry level cash boxes measure 8 inches and have small tray with 5 or 6 compartments for change. As you move through the cash box range the size of boxes increases as does the number of compartments in the coin tray. The higher end cash boxes have note compartments in the tray and some have the locks on top of the lid rather than the side of the cash box, this feature allows the box to be unlocked whilst in a desk drawer.

Key Security Systems - This sections includes both lockable key cabinets and plastic key fobs and tags. Key cabinets are generally wall mountable and will hold between 20 and 200 keys on hooks which are attached to the walls of the cabinet. The hooks are numbered to aid in identification and key management and coloured key tags are typically also included with each cabinet. The most common locks are key operated, although combination locks, both manual and electronic, are available on higher end models.

Safety Signs - Are used around workplaces to warn of positional danger, advise of requirements that must be undertaken (e.g. Eat protection must be worn), provide direction or identify prohibited areas. Many safety signs are manufactured from polypropylene and have a self adhesive backing. Safety signs should be used is areas of risk when all other reasonable precautions have been taken and an element of risk still exists. If you’re ensure what safety signs your business needs then a safety sign audit can be undertaken. This can either be carried out in house or by an external specialist company. The audit will not only identify areas of potential risk but also advise what signs should be deployed to manage that risk.

Fire extinguishers - An essential for businesses of all sizes, fire extinguishers are available in a number of formats for use on different types of fire. For advice on which fire extinguishers you need we recommend visiting the Fire Service website.

Safes and Locks - Safes are available in a huge range of sizes and prices and with different features and locking mechanisms. Before purchasing a safe its worth doing your research as it’s easy to buy a safe that isn’t suitable for your specific requirements. The best place to start your purchase process is by asking yourself what you plan to keep in the safe. If you buying a safe to meet requirements set down by an insurance company then be sure to check the value rating of the safe. Manufactures provide their own ratings for their safes security level, however there is no set criteria so different manufacturers may rate identical safes differently. Look for independent testing carried out on the safe and check with your insurers that the levels achieved meet their requirements.

Workwear - Can be both functional, i.e. waterproof clothing, and safety orientated, i.e. high visibility clothing. This section not only covers clothing but also protection for ears, mouths and eyes. To protect your ears in noisy working environments we supply over ear defenders. Ear protectors have padded ear cups and adjustable bands both designed to improve the wearers comfort. They are generally graded by the amount of noise protection they offer, this is detailed either in the product specifications or the product title.

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