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Screen Filters can perform a number of functions. Privacy filters are designed to protect the visual information on the screen from others as they allow the screen to only be viewed by the user straight on but not from others who try to look from the sides. Others are designed to restrict the glare from the screen and minimise eye strain whilst some screen filters are designed to be anti static which helps reduce dust and dirt building up on the screen. Screen filters are available in a number of sizes and formats which are clearly detailed in our product descriptions.

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Buyers Guide

Why use a screen filter

Historically screen filters for computer or laptop screens served three purposes. This was firstly, to provide privacy for the computers user by making the screen unreadable to anyone trying to view the screen from anything other than straight on. The second function was to reduce glare on the computer screen caused by office lighting or reflections from the sun. Finally the screens provided protection from UV light that used to be given off by the older styles of computer monitors. This type of light has been proven, over time, to cause damage to skin. Modern LCD monitors and laptop screens have been shown not to produce UV light so screen filters are no longer needed to protect against this issue.

This leaves us with two key reasons for which a computer screen filter may be required;

Privacy Filters for LCD Monitors, Laptop Screens, Mobiles and Tablets

Privacy filters reduce the viewing angle by which the contents of the screen being covered can be viewed. 3M, the market leaders in screen filters, achieve this by using micro-louvre black out privacy technology. This means that the user gets a perfect clear view when viewing the screen straight on, however anyone on either side will simply see a black or gold screen depending on the type of filter purchased.

Anti Glare Filters for LCD Monitors, Laptop Screens, Mobiles and Tablets

Glare on monitors and screens is caused by light emitted from office lighting and from the sun. Anti glare filters improve readability by significantly reducing screen glare or mirror-like reflections. 3M’s matte film technology also helps maintain a high level of image quality on your high resolution devices, reducing sparkle.

Ordering the Correct Filter for Your Screen

The most common mistake made by people ordering screen filters is getting the wrong sized filter for their screen. This is now even more common thanks to the introduction of wide screen LCD monitors and laptop screens as the old measuring method is no longer full proof. To measure your screen the first thing to remember is you only need to include the viewable area in your calculations, do not include any frames in your measurements.

There are three screen dimensions that you need to take down, the first is the diagonal measurement which is taken from the top corner to the opposite bottom corner. You then need to measure both the viewable height and width. It is also worth understanding whether your screen is a wide screen or standard screen format.

Screen filters list the diagonal measurement in their product title and so this is the starting point when selecting your screen. Once you have found a filter that matches you measurements take a look at the product features and specifications as the width and height of the screens that the filter is suitable for will be detailed here.

If this all sounds like far too much effort then 3m have a very helpful product selector tool. Simply input the make and model number of your monitor or laptop and the selector then tells you which 3m filters are suitable. To view the product selector simply slick here.

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