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Clear tape or sticky tape is the most commonly used of the adhesive tapes in the office today with Sellotape being the most widely recognised brand. Sticky tape is frequently referred to as Sellotape in the same way some people refer to all vacuum cleaners as Hoovers. Clear tape comes in a variety of widths and lengths from 12mm wide x 33 metres long to 50mm wide x 66 metres long. Whilst most clear tapes are used in tape dispensers, tape manufacturers now also make easy tear tapes for those of us who still try to tear the tape with our teeth.

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Clear tape or sticky tape is a pressure sensitive tape that will stick with the application of downward pressure. No other external forces such as water or heat are necessary for the adhesive to work.

Sticky tape is made up of a plastic film with a coating of pressure sensitive adhesive. Single sided tapes enable the bonding to a surface or the connecting of two adjacent surfaces (e.g. two pieces of paper).

The best know sticky tape in Great Britain is Sellotape, read on for a brief history of the product.

The History of Sellotape…….

Sellotape is by far the best known brand of clear tape in the UK to the extent that people refer to the product by the brand name of Sellotape rather than by the product name. Sellotape is a cellulose based, pressure sensitive adhesive tape and is used for joining, sealing, attaching and mending.

The name Sellotape was invented by Colin Kininmonth and George Gray in 1937 who first made the product by applying rubber resin to a cellophane film. The name was taken from Sellophane which was derived from Cellophane.

Sellotape was manufactured in the London borough of Action from the 1960’s to the 1980’s and the Sellotape Company was part of the British packaging and paper company the Dickinson Robinson Group. In 2002 Sellotape was purchased by Henkel, a multinational company based in Germany.

The industrial arm of Sellotape was purchased in 1997 by the Scapa Group PLC who continue to make the products at Dunstable in Bedfordshire.

Sellotape original, now produced by Henkel, is made using cellulose film which is derived from wood pulp that decomposes naturally in soil. It is available throughout the world and is a trusted and well loved stationery brand.

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