Should your Employees be allowed to Work from Home

As you’ve likely heard, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently outlawed working from home, releasing a controversial memo that has people talking around the world.

The debate rages on over whether it’s best to be flexible in terms of work location, or if it’s best for staff to work in the office every day. Each business and of course each team of employees is a bit different, but if you find yourself wondering what the possible benefits and drawbacks could be read on for a few useful points to consider.


It’s well-established now that flexible employers are favoured over more rigid ones. Being able to offer a potential employee a flexible work location and agenda may just put you at an advantage when attracting talent job candidates to your company.

Working when and where they are most productive logically results in employees achieving a higher output. If you determine that your staff is more productive at home, you’ll reap the benefits of more work completed for the same amount of pay.

Allowing people to meet some of their personal obligations during normal work hours can result in less time requested off.


Working from home can affect creativity and innovation, as employees can lack interaction and inspiration from their peers.

There are also accountability issues to manage, such as whether people will continue to pull their weight within the company. Many employers opt to monitor their staff’s productivity very closely when allowing them to work from home.

Those working from home can also be difficult to get hold of in time-sensitive situations.

Experts agree that when considering implementing a work-from-home system into your company, it’s important to consider not only whether the job can be completed out of the office, but whether employees have earned the privilege and can be trusted entirely.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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