Shredder Supplies

Shredders do not necessarily need supplies to operate however there are items you can purchase that will help the efficiency of your shredder and also prolong its lifespan. Shredder oil is used to lubricate the cutters and can be used on both Cross Cut and Strip Cut shredders. It is recommended for use by all shredder manufacturers and should be used twice a month or each time the shredders waste bin is emptied. This section also contains replacement shredder bins and waste sacks and bags which catch your shredded particles and make disposal quick and simple.

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Buyers Guide

Shredders will operate without shredder oil being applied and it is by no means a purchase you need to make. However, with a 350ml bottle costing less than seven pounds and many shredders costing several hundred pounds it may be a savvy investment. On any shredder the part most likely to fail is the cutting blades, this is the main moving part in the shredder and the also the part doing most of the work. Oil is applied directly onto the cutting blades providing lubrication and easing their movement when shredding paper. If you would like an easier solution for applying the oil then shredder sheets or envelopes are also available. These products are impregnated with oil and are simply fed through the shredder in the same way you would with paper to be destroyed. Using this method ensures the oil is distributed evenly over all the cutting blade surfaces.

Shredder Sacks and Bags……

This section also contains our shredder bags and sacks. Again this is not an essential purchase and all shredders will have a waste bin that catches the shredder particles. Shredder bags make the disposal process a much easier and cleaner process by capturing all the particles and enabling them to be recycled or destroyed more simply. Bags and sacks are manufactured by all the main shredder manufacturers including Rexel, Fellowes and HSM.

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