Shredders can be used at home or in the office and are a excellent tool in helping to prevent identity theft. There are three main types of shredder which are broken down based on how they cut the paper. Strip cut shredders offer the lowest level of security and are suitable for home users. Cross cut shredders cut the paper into small squares are suitable for most office environments. Confetti cut shredders offer the highest level of security and are suitable for shredding very sensitive information. Choosing the right shredder will depend on what you will be shredding in what quantities and how often. To find out more take a look at our buyers guide on Rexel Shredders or our all encompassing Guide to Shredders.

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Buyers Guide

Despite appearing to be a fairly basic device there are a large number of shredders that all perform the same task of destroying paper a little differently. Before purchasing a shredder you need to consider the volumes you wish to shred and how well destroyed the paper needs be. If the information on the paper to be shredded is of a particularly sensitive nature then a high level of security is required. For firms regulated by the FSA it’s a legal requirement that customer financial information is properly destroyed.

Shedder security levels explained......

This used to be relatively simple process where all shredders were graded with a level from one to six which related to the size of the shredded paper produced. Level one was the lowest security and covered strip cut shredders that produce the largest (and therefore least secure) shredded material. Level six was the most secure and covered the ultra high security particle cut shredders. For day to day use we recommended most offices and home users opt for a level three shredder and those destroying sensitive information choose level 4.

The EU has now changed the security levels and has gone from six simple to understand levels to a possible 42 possible permutations. The new guidelines split different media on which information can be kept into six categories and within each category there are seven sub- levels. As before level one is the least secure and level seven is now the most secure. Taking the paper category , as this will be of interest to most of our customer, within each shredders description you will now see ‘P’ followed by a number from ‘1’ to ‘7’. The table below details how the levels relate to security and the size of the shredded paper produced.

Security LevelShred SizeUses
P-1 12mm Strip Cut - For shredding general internal documents
P-2 6mm Strip Cut – For internal documents
P-3 320mm2 Small Strip Cut and Large Cross Cut - For confidential documents
P-4 160mm2 Cross Cut – For sensitive information
P-5 30mm2 Cross Cut – For highly sensitive documents
P-6 10mm2 Particle Cut – For extremely high security, used by the military and government bodies
P-7 5mm2 Particle Cut - Ultra secure, the highest level possible

For people who also want to destroy other types of media you also need to be aware of the other categories within the new guidelines. For CD, DVD and Blu Ray look for the ‘O’ classification. Floppy disks and ID cards with strips fall under the ‘T’ category and camera films are classed under ‘F’. There are also categories for USB sticks, flash memory and phones (Category ‘E’) and computer hard drives (category ‘H’), however we do not supply the machines capable of shredding the items. As with the paper category there are seven sub levels in each category with one being least secure and seven being ultra secure.

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