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Spiral notebooks and wirebound notebooks are the most popular style of notebook, used in offices, colleges, schools and around the home. Popular brands include Black N Red, Cambridge, Pukka Pads and Oxford. Depending on your requirements we sell spiral notebooks as singles or in multi-packs of 3, 5 and 10. We also have our great value 5 Star brand which offers excellent quality at affordable prices.

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Buyers Guide

The pages of spiral notebooks are held together with a single or double wire spiral which has been passed through holes in the paper. Binding in this way allows easy turning of pages and allows the note book to be folded over on itself. This feature makes them ideal when taking notes quickly as in shorthand.

Wirebound notebook pages are also bound by wire but in a series of loops rather than in a spiral.

Some spiral notebooks and wirebound notebooks come with perforated pages, allowing pages to be easily removed and filed elsewhere, whilst others also come with perforations and pre-punched holes allowing the pages to be easily removed and filed in ring binders.

A relatively new innovation in this product area are notebooks that include an antimicrobial cover which reduces bacteria on the cover by up to 99.99%, an example being the range of antimicrobial notebooks in the Oxford range. This feature makes them Ideal for the medical, dental, food preparation and scientific communities where hygiene and preventing the spread of germs is of utmost importance.

Things to consider when buying a Spiral Notebook or Wirebound notebook…..

Headbound or Sidebound- With a headbound notebook the paper is bound along the top edge so the pages are turned vertically. This is most common in shorthand or reporters style notebooks. Sidebound notebooks are bound down the left hand (long edge) which allows for pages to be turned horizontally as they would be with a normal book. This is the most common form of binding and is used on most size pads such as A4 and A5.

Size - There are a wide range of sizes available with the largest typically being A4 spiral notebooks down to the smallest reporters style which are approximately 125mm x 200mm in size, although there is some variation between brands.

Covers - The cover you choose largely depends on what you intend to use the pad for. Soft flexible covers are the most common and at the lowest end in terms of price these are simply made from a thin cardboard. If your spiral notebook is for day to day use, such as taking notes or a rough book for school or college then this style is ideal. Plastic covers are also available which have the benefit of being waterproof. This is especially popular on the reporter’s notebooks which often also have waterproof paper as a feature, perfect for those working outdoors. For added protection and durability hardback covers are made of a thick board covered with paper. This is very common with brands such as Black n Red where their black laminated note books are instantly recognisable.

Environmental Credentials - As with many paper based office products there is an excellent selection of ‘Green’ products available. Nearly all spiral notebooks will be manufactured from at least partly sustainable materials and if you want a product manufactured from 100% recycled paper there is plenty of choice.

Perforations - There are two options when it comes to how paper is removed from the pad. The entry level products will simply be pulled from the spiral notebook by the holes that connect the paper with the binding. This leaves a messy edge of ripped holes, however if the notebooks is only for note taking this may be perfectly acceptable. To get a clean edge when paper is removed look for notebooks which are perforated or micro perforated.

Can’t see what you’re looking for in this section? Then why not take a look at our manuscript or casebound notebooks.

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