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Staplers are one of the best known and widely used pieces of office equipment. They are used to securely join together paper by driving a thin metal staple through the sheets and then folding the staples ends. Staplers come in two primary forms, manual and electric. Manual staplers are normally hand held although heavy duty manual staplers that sit on a desktop are also common. Electric staplers are used when large volumes or stapling is required and some are capable of joining 80 sheets of paper at a time.

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Buyers Guide

A stapler is a mechanical device that joins paper buy pushing a metal staple through the sheets and then folding in the ends so it remains in place. Staplers are used in schools, offices and at home and are a key desktop accessory for many people.

Paper staplers fall into two primary groups, manual and electric. Manual staplers are generally hand held devices that are used to join a small number of sheets. Electric staplers are normally desk based and will join up to 60 sheets at a time.

What features to consider when purchasing a stapler……..

Manual or Electric - The first choice to make is whether your stapler needs to be electric or if manual operation will be sufficient. Manual staplers will be fine for most users in most environments. Electric may be needed if there is a need to staple large amounts of paper together or if there is a large volume of stapling to be done.

Sheet Capacity - Within each staplers description on our website you will see the capacity of that model. The capacity refers to the numbers of pages the stapler can join together with one depression. You may find that it’s possible to exceed the capacity and still successfully staple through all the paper. However, stapling to many sheets or even consistently stapling up to the recommended maximum capacity will put extra strain on the stapler and will shorten its lifespan. As with hole punches we always recommend going under the maximum capacity by a few sheets to avoid straining the unit.

Staple Size - Most standard office staplers will take either 24/6 or a 26/6 size staples which have a 6mm depth. If you require a stapler which accepts larger staples then you will need review staplers in our heavy duty staplers section.

Staple Capacity - Staplers are split into two camps in terms of capacity, these being full strip and half strip. The ‘strip’ refers to a strip of staples when it is ready to be loaded into a stapler. Full strip staplers have the capacity to take full unbroken staples, whereas half strip staplers require the strip of staples to be broken in half.

Power Assisted - A good half way house between electric and manual staplers is a power assisted model. This type only requires a small amount of force to be applied to the stapler for it to push through its full capacity of paper.

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