You’d think there wouldn’t be too much to say about Staples, after all, they are just a bent piece of metal which holds paper together. Unfortunately, the differing sizes of staples and the differing types of numbering standards adopted by manufacturers make selecting the right sized staples for your stapler somewhat difficult. Some Staple sizes are quoted as merely a No.56 yet the same sized staples are referred to as 26/6 by other manufacturers. You will usually find the compatible sized staples located somewhere on your stapler and some staplers except different sized staples. The most common size of staplers used in office desktop staplers are 26/6 or No.56.

If you are in any doubt regards what size staples you need then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Staples are two pronged fasteners, usually made of metal, that are used to bind items together. Large staples are often used in DIY and may be used with a hammer or heavy duty staple gun. The staples we sell are the smaller versions which are used to attach pieces of paper together. These are normally used in conjunction with a desktop or long arm stapler. Staples are used instead of paper clips as they offer a more permanent and durable fastening.

Understanding Staple Sizes……..

The way in which staple sizes are expressed varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some use short codes, for example, Rexel have two digit numbers such as ‘56’ or ‘66’ on the front of their packaging which refers to the staple size. Most manufactures will use a three digit code separated by a forward slash, for example 26/6. The first number in this example, ‘26’, refers to the thickness or gauge of the staple. The smaller the number the thicker or heavier the staple gauge is. The second number refers to the depth of the staple in millimetres (mm), so in our example, 26/6, this is a 6mm staple.

A full list of main staple sizes is shown below;

Staple NumberStaple DepthTo Fit Stapler Type
23/8 8mm Heavy duty models
23/12 12mm Heavy duty models
23/15 15mm Heavy duty models
23/20 20mm Heavy duty models
23/24 24mm Heavy duty models
26/6 6mm Desktop Models both Full and Hal Strip. Long arm staplers
26/6 6mm Desktop Models both Full and Hal Strip. Long arm staplers

In terms of manufacturers the two big brands are Rapesco and Rexel who make both the staplers and staples. Both brands recommend that you use their staples in their brand of stapler for optimal performance. However, if you would like an alternative then our 5 Star brand staples are affordable and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

To make finding staples easy on our website we’ve categorised them by the size of the staple depth. Simply click on the size you require and then browse through the available products. If you also need a stapler to put your staples into simply click here to be taken to the stapler sectionclick here to be taken to the stapler section of the website.

Best Selling Products

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