Storage Boxes

Our Plastic Storage Boxes range in size from 9 litres to 105 litres and come with a wide choice of features to meet most needs. We offer top brands including Really Useful and Strata and a have great selection of recycled storage boxes made from 100% recycled plastic. Plastic Storage Boxes have many uses including Archiving, Industrial Storage, Removal Crates, Training Boxes, Toy Boxes, Christmas Decoration Storage and Food Storage.

If you need any assistance selecting the right plastic boxes for your needs then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Really useful storage boxes are the market leaders in clear plastic storage boxes and they offer some fantastic products with great features. All really useful products come with lids and are easy to stack. Transparent features allow easy identification of box contents. Each box is strong enough to take a person’s weight and they have minimal wall taper to maximise storage capacity and minimise contents movement.

Today plastic storage boxes are almost an essential part of home and office life and their list of useful functions is practically endless.

We all have storage requirements whether they are at home, maybe your loft needs tidying or you need to make space in your wardrobe for new cloths but can’t bear to part with the old ones. Perhaps your filing system needs updating and you need a safe way of keeping paperwork. At the office, do you have product samples spread across your desk that need a new home or do you need a box to house all your training material.

Some other suggestions for possible uses are..........

Archiving – Whether at home or in the office plastic storage boxes are an excellent method of keeping paperwork safe and organised and provide an added level of peace of mind over keeping documents in cardboard boxes.

Loft or Garage Storage – Plastic Boxes are brilliant at keeping thing clean and organised.

Removal Crates – Moving house and want to ensure your valuable possessions are well protected,plastic storage is an ideal solution. Plus they can be used again and again for storage in your new home.

Toy Boxes – Children are not the tidiest of creatures so a good way of keeping their toys in one place and not under your feet or on the stairs waiting to be stood on is to buy a few plastic boxes. Once the boxes are full they can be stacked so they take up less space.

Hobby craft – If you are keen on knitting, card making, quilting or scrapbooking then a plastic storage box is ideal for storing all your equipment in one handy place.

Christmas Decorations – Are your decorations thrown into the loft each year and forgotten about in the hope that maybe they will organise themselves ready for their next annual outing. Why not get a couple of big plastic boxes and keep all your decorations in one convenient place.

Best Selling Products

£3.87 EX VAT

(£4.64 INC VAT)

35% Saving off RRP


£18.03 EX VAT

(£21.64 INC VAT)

22% Saving off RRP


£22.10 EX VAT

(£26.52 INC VAT)

32% Saving off RRP


£6.46 EX VAT

(£7.75 INC VAT)

30% Saving off RRP


£14.64 EX VAT

(£17.57 INC VAT)

25% Saving off RRP


£6.62 EX VAT

(£7.94 INC VAT)

53% Saving off RRP


£4.54 EX VAT

(£5.45 INC VAT)

51% Saving off RRP


£10.31 EX VAT

(£12.37 INC VAT)

31% Saving off RRP


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