T Card Panels

T-Card Panels are a great visual aid to planning, be it project planning or workload scheduling by department, team or individual. They can also be used as yearly, monthly, weekly or hourly planning boards. Nobo are the market leaders and offer a range of pre built planning kits as well as separate T-Card components to allow you to build a panel kit to your own requirements. A typical T-Card kit contains slotted T-Card panels, a panel index, assorted coloured T-Cards and a fixing kit. The T-Cards themselves come in 4 sizes and 8 colours allowing you to colour code your planning. If you’re looking for flexibility to change and upgrade your T-Card Panels then the Nobo range can be added to at anytime and also incorporates built in drywipe panels for planning notes.

If you need any help or assistance selecting the right T-Card Panels for you then please give the Allsorts team a call on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

T-Card Planning kits are most commonly found in warehouses or despatch facilities where they are used to detail stock levels and location. They are a quick and efficient visual aid and can be invaluable in a busy environment. However, they also have many other uses and can be used throughout a business as an aid to planning and scheduling. T-Card systems can be purchased ready built and with all the components you need to get started straight from the box, alternatively you can build your own system which ensures your specific requirements are met exactly.

How to Build a T-Card System………

Choose your T-Cards - This may seem back to front but if you know what T-Cards you want to use in your system then everything else can be built around them. T-Cards come in 4 different sizes ranging from Size 1 which are 16x49mm to Size 4 which are 112x180mm. You can choose to use one size only or a mixture and there are also eight colours to choose from. At this point you also need to decide how many T-Cards you need your system to hold. Remember, the big advantage in building your own system is that it can be added to and extended whenever you need to.

Select your Panels - Now you know which T-Card size you’ll be using and how many you need choosing your panels is relatively easy. As you’d expect panels are available in widths to match each T-Card size so select panels with the correct width first. Then choose your panels height which is measured by the number of T-Card slots they have, here you can select from 24, 32 or 54 slot options.

Linking it Together - To secure you panels together and create your T-Card system you will need a pair of Nobo T-Card Link Bars. These come with blank drywipe title or header strips and are made of strong and lightweight aluminium. The link bars simply click over the tops and bottoms of your panels to create a rigid planning system that is ready to be mounted onto a wall.

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