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Desktop tape dispensers are an essential accessory for any office. They not only make sticky tape easy and convenient to use but thanks to new designs and vibrant colours being employed by manufacturers they can also be an attractive and stylish addition to your desktop. This section of our website covers the type of tape dispenser that sits on a desk. They typically have weighted bottoms and none-slip padding to prevent movement during use. If you require something more industrial, for use in a warehouse for example, then please take a look at our packing equipment category for the large and hand held dispensers.

If you need any help or assistance selecting a tape dispenser then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Desktop tape dispensers are fairly simple accessory. Most have similar features and the key difference comes in the looks department where some manufacturers have tried to set their tape dispensers apart with attractive and stylish designs. However, if you are looking to purchase a tape dispenser for your desk then there are some points you need to consider.

What should you consider when purchasing a desktop tape dispenser……..

Tape Size - The majority of desktop tape dispensers will use the small 19mm x 33m tape. The 19mm measurement refers to the tape width and the 33m measurement is the tape length. The largest dispensers will use the 40mm by 66m tape, however these are fairly uncommon, as for desktop use the smaller tape size suits most users.

Base weight - All dispensers will have a weighted base that prevents movement when in use and means the unit can be used one handed. This is especially useful if you are employing one hand to hold down the item being stuck. Another handy feature to prevent movement is a none-slip surface that is applied to the base of the dispenser. Again this is very common but it’s worth checking the product description to ensure your tape dispenser has this.

Colours/Design - Entry level desktop tape dispensers are generally available in black, red or blue and are designed for functionality rather that aesthetic appeal. If you’re happy to spend a little extra money then manufacturers such as Sellotape and Rexel have started to design dispensers that look good on your desk as well as being useful tools. Many dispensers are part of desktop accessory ranges that are colour co-ordinated and allow you to have matching letter trays, magazine racks, hole punches, staplers and dispensers. It’s also worth looking out for novelty dispensers such as the shoe design produced by Scotch.

Recycled Properties - As tape dispensers are made from plastics there is a good range of environmentally friendly products available. Choose from products made from 100% recycled plastic or those made from a mix of recycled and new plastics.

Once you have your dispenser you’ll also need sticky tape, most dispensers don’t come with tape so this needs to be purchased separately. To view our full range of sticky tape simply click here .

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