Top Tips to Spring Cleaning your Office

Every office executive and employee has those tasks that just can’t seem to be completed. Some need an elusive signature or approval from superiors. Others are simply impossible in terms of what you need and what is actually available.

While certain things are beyond your control in business, there are some things you absolutely can take control of and one of those is having a clean work space.

For whatever reason, spring has historically been designated as a time for cleaning and getting rid of old or unwanted things. Perhaps it is because the season’s sunlight shining in the window illuminates the built-up dust from the past year?

Office Cleaning

In any case, you’ll want to map out a game plan to refresh your space.

Set Aside a Day

It’s much easier to really tidy up your space if you have some time set aside for it. Announce your office cleaning day to your staff, and perhaps even allow them to dress casually for the occasion.

In preparation for this day, stock up on the filing supplies needed to organise your old and new documents. Visit Office Allsorts’ filing section for everything you’ll need.

Remove All Files and Equipment

Pull all old files and paperwork out of your desk drawers and cupboards, and remove all computers, printers and cables. This will allow you to thoroughly dust and clean around your work space.

Organise your Files

Now that you have a clean slate, carefully go through your documents and files, discarding any unnecessary items. Arrange your files neatly, with a filing system you can actually commit to using.

Don’t Forget your Computer

In addition to your physical area, be sure to organise your computer files and documents.

Keep it Clean

After thoroughly cleaning and organising your space, be sure to maintain the area effectively. Computer keyboard covers and handy wet and dry wipes are good ways to keep up your efforts. Click here to find these items, and for any questions about spring cleaning, feel free to contact our staff.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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