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Whiteboard markers also known as drywipe markers are suitable for use on office whiteboards of all types. Whiteboard markers are non-permanent and use erasable ink. The ink adheres to the writing surface without binding or being absorbed by it and is ideal for temporary writing on whiteboards or with overhead projector. The erasable ink does not contain the toxic chemical compounds xylene or toluene which can be found in some older permanent markers.

We also supply an extensive selection of magnetic and non-magnetic whiteboards and whiteboard accessories.

Not sure which whiteboard markers are right for you then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833 who will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Buyers Guide

Unlike permanent markers, whiteboard markers use an erasable ink that adheres to the whiteboard without being absorbed into it. The ink dries and can easily be removed by wiping with a cloth or dry wipe eraser.

Some whiteboard marker features to consider…..

Tip Type - The first feature to consider is the type of tip you prefer. There are two tips available, bullet tip and chisel tip. Bullet tips are a lot like writing with a normal pen, they are you would expect from the name bullet shaped and are best for writing or diagrams. Chisel tip markers have a wedge shaped tip that is allows you to easily draw both wide and thin lines. Some whiteboard markers are very clever and have both tips, one at each end of the pen. Both types of tip come in a range of sizes which we will look at below.

Tip Size/Line Width - The tip size or line width, which is the thickness of the line produced by the marker, is shown in each products description and is expressed in millimetres (mm). Bullet tip markers will generally have one measurement whereas chisel tip will have two referring to the line produced depending on which side of the chisel is being used. A fine bullet tip marker will have a tip size of around 1mm with 2.5mm to 3mm being standard and anything over this being a thick line. Chisel tip whiteboard markers vary greatly but a thin tip will be approximately 1.5mm on the narrow side and 3mm on the wide side. A large chisel may be 3.5mm on the narrow side and 5.5mm on the wide side.

Cap-off Markers - A very handy invention, cap-off markers can have the pen cap left off for several days without drying out. Ideal if the pens are being used in a busy environment where people might not always remember to replace the cap after use.

Low Odour - There was a time when most marker pens used to have a very strong chemical smell. This, happily, is not the case anymore and most whiteboard marker pens now benefit for low or no odour.

If you have any questions about whiteboards we may have the answer in our blog, you can view our whiteboard articles by clicking here.

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