Whiteboards are used in offices, meeting rooms and conferences throughout the UK for sketching ideas, taking notes, identifying priorities, noting reminders and for brainstorming sessions. Text and diagrams can quickly be written down and displayed and then easily removed again as the boards come with a drywipe, wipe clean surface. Many whiteboards are magnetic which is especially useful if you wish to pin notices or memos to the board.

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Whiteboard Features


There are many types of frame available on whiteboards, the most common being plastic, aluminium and wood. Bear in mind that the more robust frames, such as aluminium, are also the hardest wearing. Some plastic frames will can be listed as having an ‘Aluminium Finish’, this means they are designed to closely resemble aluminium but they may offer a cost saving against boards with true aluminium frames. All whiteboards and notice boards will come with corner caps or end caps which slot over the fixing holes to provide a neater look. Some boards (generally those in the higher price brackets) will come with a selection of different coloured end caps that can be co-ordinated with your office design.


    There are three types of surface available to you when selecting a whiteboard.

  • Enamel – Enamel surfaces are magnetic and extremely hard wearing. They are intended for everyday use in busy environments such as meeting rooms, hotel and conference facilities, school rooms and lecture halls. This type of surface is scratch and chip resistant and can withstand cleaning from the toughest of products. Enamel boards also benefit from reduced glare and better visibility in high light situations.
  • Lacquered Steel – This type of whiteboard surface is also magnetic and is intended for mid to heavy usage in the same range of environments as enamel boards. Lacquered steel whiteboards are lightweight with a good wearing surface that is perfect for fixing notes and diagrams to with magnets.
  • Melamine – Melamine surfaces are not magnetic and are best for light general office use. The surface is scratch and pressure resistant under normal usage.


If you need a mobile whiteboard then a flipchart easel may be right for you. Flipchart easels offer the same wipe clean surface as a standard whiteboard but are mounted on legs or castors that allow them to be moved and transported.

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