Why Rexel Mercury Shredders

The Mercury range of Rexel Shredders all offer a unique jam-free technology which is designed to make your shredding stress free. All Mercury Shredders come fitted with continuous sensing technology which alert the user to remove excess paper by the use of a red light which comes on so you never need waste time sorting out a frustrating paper jam. Once the offending paper has been removed the light turns green and shredding will begin again automatically. The technology also works when the user tries to overlap sheets.

There is no need to remove staples or paper clips from your documents before you shred and the Mercury range will even make light work of CD’s and Credit Cards. Every Rexel shredder in the Mercury range offers:

- Jam-Free Technology

- Compact, Low-Noise Design

- High Capacity Bin-Sizes

- Eco-Friendly Power-Saving Features

Below we’ve selected three of the best Rexel shredders in the range;

Rexel Shredders

Mercury Shredder RLSM9 Super Micro Cut

The RLSM9 is designed for use in the large busy office of 20 people or more and comes with the S5 security level which is the highest available. It shreds paper into unreadable confetti style particles of 0.8mm x 11mm (or 7088 pieces when shredding A4) which makes it ideal for disposing of sensitive information.

This is a very quiet shredder which is capable or shredding 10 sheets of 70gsm paper at a time as well as CD’s and credit cards. It comes with a very large capacity waste bin of 115 litres which is capable of holding 1250 sheets of 70gsm paper. It also comes with a front opening door which makes emptying simple and reduces mess. This range of Rexel shredders will also cut off when the bin is full so it doesn’t overfill.

The Rexel Mercury RLSM9 is the perfect choice for a large office that has a requirement for completely confidential shredding.

Mercury Shredder RLM11 Micro Cut

The RLM11 is a large office shredder designed for use in a busy office of 20 or more people. It comes with the second highest S4 security level which shreds paper into micro sizes particles or 1.9mm x 15mm which makes it ideal for shredding sensitive data.

Capable of shredding 12 sheets of 70gsm paper at a time, the RLM11 is also able to handle paper clips and staples and makes easy work of CD’s and credit cards.

The RLM11 goes into power saving mode after 2 minutes of inactivity which makes a great choice for an environmentally conscious business and it even comes with an auto oiling technology so you don’t have to manually oil the blades.

Mercury Shredder RLX20 Confetti Cut

Identity theft is major issue and if it you are on the receiving end at best it can be an unpleasant experience and at worst a costly one. The RLX20 allows you to shred sensitive documents that may put you or your business at risk.

The RLX20 is a large shredder that suits an office of 20 or more users. It comes with the S3 security level which means it shreds in the small particles of 4mm x 40mm meaning it’s perfect for sensitive data disposal.

A quiet high capacity machine that can shred up to 22 sheets of 70gsm paper at a time with the ability to handle paperclips and staples and can shred CD’s and credit cards. This shredder is designed for high volumes of use and therefore comes with 115 litre capacity pull out frame that holds a plastic bag that can take up to 1100 sheets of shredded 70gsm paper.

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Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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