Our workwear category has over 400 products designed to keep the wearer both safe and protected. In this section you will find our high visibility clothing as well as overalls and heavy duty trousers, tops and jackets. It also contains personal safety equipment such as helmets and hard caps, hearing protection, safety glasses and goggles and protective gloves.

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Buyers Guide

The workwear section is home to all our products that help protect the wearer. If you know exactly what you need then please click on one of the product images above, alternatively for further information on each product area our buyers guide below has lots of helpful details.

Safety Footwear - Comes in many forms from a simple disposable overshoe to safety working boots designed to protect your feet in hazardous working environments. Our top end safety boots, manufactured by Dewalt, have an antibacterial insole and shock absorbing technology. As well as steel toe caps they have a steel midsole which provides under foot protection from sharp objects such as protruding nails. The boots are chemical and oil resistant and the soles are heat resistant up to 300 degrees.

Protective Clothing - A wide range of cloths to suit many different working environments. For outdoor working look for waterproof trousers, tops and jackets. For protection of yourself and your clothing from chemicals coveralls made from laminate, particle resistant, fabric are ideal. They protect against 99% of particles greater than 1 micron in size and are triple stitched to help prevent tearing. For more robust work, perhaps outside or within a warehouse then the poly-cotton reinforced trousers and cotton polo shirts are ideal.

Helmets - Protect your head with a safety helmet or hard cap. If you have a regular need to wear protective head gear then a vented hard cap maybe ideal for you. They appear nearly identical to a standard baseball cap, are vented to help keep you head cool and have a towelling lining to improve comfort. The protective lining is removable making the cap machine washable and reflective piping aids safety.

Hi-Visibility Clothing - We supply a full range f Hi-Vis clothing starting from vests for under £3 to fleece lined jackets that will keep you both warm and safe.

Hearing Protection - In many working environments exposure to noise is more than simply an annoyance it is a real danger that can cause long term hearing damage. Hearing protectors provide a physical barrier that help protect the sensitive parts of the inner ear.

Eye Protection - Safety glasses and goggles protect the eyes from flying debris that can cause damage and in serious cases blindness. For spectacle wearers over-glasses are available that are placed over your regular glasses and provide a much higher level of protection. If you work outdoors look for safety glasses that protect from the suns UV rays.

Protective Gloves - From single use disposable gloves to hard wearing, puncture resistant gloves.

Dust Masks - Offer protection for individuals working in environments that may expose them to dust, mist and fumes. They are available in packs of 10 or 20 disposable masks or individually for long lasting products. Look out for ergonomic design that helps with comfort and adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit.

Best Selling Products

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